Moment of utter defeat?


In life…We all strive succeed. But sometimes there are moments where you feel completely lost and beaten, be it IRL or on the interwebz or maybe even while playing games.
I will now give you a example of one such moment where one certain incident was a true wakeup call for me that further allowed me to develop as a man.

I am a geek and i play vidyagammz but i HATE COD, and the previous me that would sometimes be quite the jerk would go around GD and say stuff like “olol 360 noscoOOP shit game pew pew pew calladoody xxxxxxxxx420SNIPERxxxRIFFEL!!!”. After this…something amazing happened… The coolest and chillest ginger @Vynce simply told me “I don’t go and say stuff like that in the Final Fantasy thread”. Something in my head just snapped and i not long after i realized how pwnt i got by that one single sentence, i had never in my life felt so utterly defeated.

The end.

If you have any stories about where you felt like u got GOT, plz share !




When I was…13, I believe. I was in a chat room and said IGN was “defunct,” as I wasn’t particularly fond of the brand.

Trouble was, I didn’t actually know what defunct meant. Another guy in that chat room did, though. He proceeded to anihilate me as I scrambled to defend my usage of the word.



I just died in Gradius because I forgot to watch for falling objects.



I voted for Bush. Twice.


when she didn’t reply to my message


lol. Unless there’s something i’m missing, from the thread title i was expecting something a little more serious than that.

I know that feel, bro.

pours a shot


2016 takes another one RIP


one time I did drugs

then i realized how fucking pointless it was to do them and i was wasting a lot of time.

the end


I voted for Obama, once.


I got bodied in real life by a crazy lady. Some internet argument ain’t gonna do a damn thing to me.


Missing the last basketball in 3rd strike’s parrying minigame.


The first time I got ROM’d in MVC2.

Not only did it turn me into a marvel addict, it stopped me from enjoying any other game that’s not a fighter.


Bought Other M Day 1.




Got beat up pretty badly in front of a girl I liked in middle school. She made fun of me for it. Fucked with my head for like a whole year.


PTSD Triggered.


Thinking I was doing good on the track with this bike:


When on the back straight away flies past me an old man riding this shit:


He then goes into the following turn dragging his knee, foot peg and that luggage compartment. I finished my lap and proceeded to find the nearest corner to curl up and suck my thumb


The fact that OP left a necessary “to” out of the first sentence of his topic post, gives a twist on utter defeat, does it not.


You got bodied by committing sexual harassment


Closing the laptop but the sound is still going. ._.