Momentary pushbuttons

HI guys im trying to pad hack with a 360 controller(wireless) and i have 4 momentary buttons and they dont look like the ones on arcade buttons they look similar to the ones on obsf 30’s


someone please reply :frowning:

no one knows what you are talking about, maybe show us some pictures?

Not sure what “help” you require, but I’d like to help!

Sanwa brand obsf30 are arcade buttons…

You didn’t ask a question. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried using momentary contact pushbuttons. You might be able to get away with it for select and start, but they’d be bad for anything else, since you can’t hold the button down. I wouldn’t even use them for select/start, since there’s some cases where you may need to hold those too, e.g. resetting a game.

ok i found a picture of the buttons
and since i have a hori ex2 (which is dead) i wanted to put these inside the buttons

Those don’t look like sanwa switches.

Couple things:

  1. Why are you putting these in Hori buttons? There’s no way it’ll work better. Also, why bother modding hori buttons at all?

  2. If there is some crazy intent in your head, make sure that switch is closed on contact.

hori pcb died or something so i opened it up and removed the pcb and only 2 buttons have lugs(plug looking things) and im using a wireless controller as a pcb

You don’t want to use those. Just get some OBSF-30s and pop 'em in where the old buttons were.

Every hori button should have leads AFAIK. They would have been soldered to the pcb. Did you desolder them correctly when you removed the PCB? Are the switches still attached to the board? If it was hard to remove the board, you may have pulled the switches out? Really, I’m guessing wildly. Please post some pics of your old board and the hori buttons.

Arcade buttons are momentary contact. It just means that it resets to neutral after you relieve pressure.

im not sure what AFAIK is. the switches are still on the pcb

and not to be a A-hole kimcicle why shouldnt i use the switches in the pic

Trying to mount them into the Hori buttons seem to be more of a waste of time than necessary.

Why not just desolder the switches off the PCB if you still have them?

ok ill try

ive always wondered are there ways to make switches

Oh cool, you’re right. I was misinterpreting ‘momentary’ to mean a button with a switch that automatically actuates and resets when you press it down (without releasing).

Sorry for the misinformation.

AFAIK = As far as I know

I’m kind of confused on the question but if the PCB itself is busted as you said earlier – then no amount of button changing will fix it?

Desolder the buttons off the PCB and get a new one from a controller of your choice.

xbox 360 controller will be the pcb