Momma Said Knock You Out! The Balrog/Boxer Super Strategy and Match Ups Thread

IMO that dash ultra had more to do with pattern recognition. and a guess, like what you said earlier, he figured that a fireball was probably coming and that he should dash forward, he saw the fireball, then tapped the 3P.

@D.Ringo, we touched on that about 10 pages back, search for izuna drop and that might get you what you need. IF that doesn’t get you where you need to be in the matchup, just post what you’re having trouble with.


Can someone point out the trick at 0:20? Is this a 1-frame link like jab into ultra? Any merit in a real fight, or is this a show move only?

Its just a jump back HP into ultra. Nothing tricky except he whiffs a HB whe the opponent is Down to buffer his back charge and stay in range for the HP to connect midscreen. Try it with rog in the corner to see the timing. It’s about a lot of frames link. :lol: AKA easy

anyone ever try to air-to-air giefs neutral jump headbutt? it possible? Also I was playing a gief, and he kept tick through with on whiff and on block/hit and I wasn’t sure how to counter it. I’d jump but i’d still get thrown.

Afterwards I thought to myself that he might be grabbing me out of the startup frames of the jumps, but I wasn’t sure. Because if that was the case, then back-dash would be Balrog’s ONLY option out of that situation (right?). Wanted to know if anyone ran into this issue before or has experience with giefs tick spds, esp since that’s a scary 50/50 if Gief does a delayed ex greenhand to beat the backdash.

I’m having problems in the Abel matchup. I keep getting my ass handed over to me. Any usefull advice? I’ve tried to play this match with slower pace and trying to guess right but I keep getting caught inevitably in bullshit ex change of directions, command grabs, etc.

Thought this might give ppl some info against Blanka’s U1. Plus DASH UNDER ULTRA possible against U1. some practical, others just cuz i was curious of what was possible or worked.


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nah, no jump frames are throw able. You just reacting too slow. But also watch out cr. lk even with the nerfed frame is still good at keeping you planted so if you keep holding up, you’ll get hit confirmed easy.

no need man ha ha … WE PLAY BALROG… well i assume

[…] for shitty vegas just get them to stop wall dive shenanigans outside of combos.

late HB works best
Late TAP just to get out the way and puedo taunt him. You can hit him too if he’s wall dive baiting
cr.hp good if he’s diving to your front
j.back HP is good unless he’s good at the izuna drop timing (throw)

I don’t use FA simply because i can be thrown.

Once you stop his random shit now you can play footsies. Look out for HK ticks, long sweeps and the mega annoying ex high claw, nearly impossible to block on reaction mid screen.

What can Rog do against Rufus U2? Both on the ground, or Rog is safe jumping, any way he can avoid the chip?

rhino!!! I think any invincible move after his 13 frame startup, so probably Ultra 1/Ultra 2, headbutt will probably lose because of it’s horizontal range. But point blank (e.g. you’re both at neutral and you can’t avoid it by jumping), i’m pretty sure everything loses, and if he gets close enough to put you in block stun before you can react, rog has to eat the chip damage.

edit: Theory fighter works out, it’s just got more invincibility then all of balrogs specials/ultra/supers. So you have to delay your reversal for a bit and then attack. IF Rufus isn’t point blank, it’s pretty simple to do EX.HB, Ultra, or Super. Headbutt, Ultra and Super lose to his ultra 2 with reversal timing, activating with punches and not holding punches helps, you really need that 10 frame startup.


Awesome vid, i’m sure ropedrink really enjoyed that lol. Did you discover any options to get out of Blanka’s cross-up Ultra?

thanx man… i was thinking about that… im gonna go in the lab… maybe auto correct ex HB? auto correct ultra? armor cancel ultra? lol ill try it and come back with some results.

EDIT: i found only one thing that works. EVERYTHING else loses.

-ex HB’s invinsibility causes rog to get hit late and since it’s blanka, HB wiff’s cuz of the U1 animation.
-HB gets owned
-turnpunch gets owned
-ex dash punches/regular versions get owned
-super’s invinsibility frames causes him to go through blanka but when he’s out of those frames, he ends up right in front of blanka and gets hit. so it gets owned as well

the ONLY thing that worked 100% was an auto correct ultra

I do think auto-crossups are siginficantly harder on properly done Auto-correct specials. In my experience auto-correct horizontal moves happen when you finish your first directional input before being crossed up and your input buttons are pressed when they are on the other side. (If you need to see this in action consistently, Gen’s PPP super, to PPP Ultra 1 in the left corner with Honda, auto-corrects consistently)

Perfect cross-up hurricane kicks, are significantly harder to auto-correct because they’re like safe-jumps too. Blanka’s U1 is a different story all together since it won’t actually hit until it reaches the ground and doesn’t have any type of armor etc, but in general cross-up specials/ultras are like that (in my experience). :tup:

that true but there’s always specific inputs to purposely auto correct. at least that’s my understanding. i use it and works every time. i dont have trouble with that. i guess its more about how much practice u have doing certain combos/moves/specials/ultras that it becomes almost like instinct? either way, good to know for myself about blanka’s cross up U1.

How should I set up that piece of shit U2? I only know empty jump U2 and jab jab U2 after lots of tick throws. I also want to know his best taunt. I’m using the one where he says “I’ll knock you out in one punch” which is lame. Btw I’m mostly trolling on PSN so, aside from hardcore turtling (Day 1…1 ragemail already haha), is there any other trolling tactics I can use?

I always use taunt 4. “Go home and cry to your Momma!” :smile: :tup:

You can rush punch or TAP FADC U2.

Do those combo? Cause that made me remember seeing a video on that.

Edit: Headbutt into u2 fuck yeah

No combo…its a command grab. Due to its frame properties (1+1) its not good for ticks setups like maybe you’ve seen Zangief/ Hawk do. Its only good as a punisher of moves whose on block recovery are -1 or greater. Like for example Duds MGB, Kens tatsu or Guys run > overhead. You can also catch someone trying to throw/press buttons you if you have been ticking them to death all round.

but jump in attack tick to U2 is NOT going to work unless they were mashing buttons at the time.