Momma Said Knock You Out! The Balrog/Boxer Super Strategy and Match Ups Thread

jump back works if he doesn’t hold it, and even then it’s a guessing game. it’s not an easy ultra to face and it does serious damage.

If you headbutt over abel’s ultra 2, does he still fly in the same direction or does he auto correct?

dirty bull severely tilts the dudley matchup in balrog’s favor - you can dbull blocked rush punches(machine gun blow, ex mgb, etc)

nah that’s an effective way to deal with it, but you’re assuming that you’re close enough + have a down charge.

Yeah that could be good. Prima online frame data has it listed as 2 frame grab vs hawk and gief 1 frame grabs. Here is the list of other frame data changes for Rog:

everyone got that? So any links that have been perceived as easier were just that perception. Most probably people are just better so it feels easier now. Anyway, I like the Dirty Bull option on Dudley. Ima try it out.

It’s nice to see that the format I started nearly a year ago has been used for almost every character’s match-up section. I’m just glad that I’m not the one who has to constantly update anymore.

As I play El Fuerte and Rog I thought i’d add some notes on what to do when he gets Ultra 2.

If you’re in the lead do nothing. Keep yourself at cr.hp distance but don’t poke with it unless you want to die. You need to basically stop acting like you’re playing against El Fuerte and pretend you are now facing a very mobile, very dangerous Gief. Safe jumps, pokes, rush punches etc. can all be punished on block or just mashed out as you move towards him. Same thing with block strings and messed up combos.
If you are at max range for cr.hp and he throws it out and your doing nothing you can safely jump backwards and punish with your rush punch of choice. If he starts running at you, preparing El Fuerte’s patented mix up game and you have a big life lead then DO NOTHING but try and put some distance between you. He’s not a powerhouse so if you’ve got a decent amount of life then you can afford to guess wrong and let him hit you a few times. Throwing out something random is a sure way to lose the round.

If you have less life then El F then it’s a bit of an up hill battle. Approach cautiously, if it’s a good El Fuerte player then they’ll be unlikely to just randomly throw it out and they’ll be looking to try and force you to make a mistake by being random and really putting the pressure on. This is when all the notes from other players come into play and you really have to know all his options and shut them all down. When you eventually corner him or he corners himself and you’re in cr.hp range take your time. If your quick you can dash in and throw him and then put some distance between you again. Just try and anticipate what he will do and don’t poke him too much or fall into a rhythm.

The best thing you can do is find a good El Fuerte and play the match until you understand it. The Ultra 2 does so much damage and is so easy to land that you really need to play smart.

Here’s some quick and dirty links to use after an overhead, I’m just posting the ones that will make life easiest and not necessarily most optimal in damage:

ex. format: [character name] (if standing, if crouching)

Dudley (c.LP, c.LK)
Guy (c.LP/c.MP, c.MP)
Juri (c.LK, c.LK)
Makoto (c.LK, c.LK)
Ibuki (c.LK, c.LK)
T. Hawk (c.LK, c.LK)
Cody (c.LK, c.LK)
Dee Jay (c.LK, c.LK)
Adon (c.MP, c.HK)
Hakan(c.LK/c.MP, c.MP)

Dudley and Adon have oddball hiboxes I guess. Also, interestingly, I tried doing the Dash Upper loop on Juri, but I had to use c.LP, c.MP to continue the reps after the initial upper. Just a tidbit.

I have something to add to the guide. Jab to ultra is FREE vs. Ibuki. It feels like a 2 or 3 frame combo. You don’ t have to worry about mashing on kicks either. I just found this out seconds ago and so far jump in Rh, cr. jab x2, s. jab, ultra is very easy on her because the jabs dont’ push her very far away and it looks like you get an extra frame or two advantage because of it. I’m not an excellent combo guy and i’ve gotten it about 80% of the time just now. I’ll do more testing later.

damn before its all said and done the balrog army going cripple the dudley nation. did capcom forget how strong rog is in sf4 van?

interesting can’t wait work that in when i’m facing ibuki player on live/ in person . so should we just call it a day ,and day that rog destorys most if not all the new characters?

So, enlighten me on the Ibuki matchup…

Low block that dashing grab and punish it with a BNB and try stuff shit with cr.HP

Wow I already found the Ibuki match-up to be dirt easy. I just played my typical game of walking back and forth at mid range while playing footsies until I can hit confirm a combo and no Ibuki player has been able to stop it. If what you say is true then this match-up just became a stupidly simple game of abuse jab into ultra.

Not sure where to put this, but I figure this is a solid place(since it is matchup dependant). Also not sure how useful it is :rofl:

This is a list of how to combo from headbutt to super in the corner.
When I juggle with the super I usually just hold kicks all the way through the juggle, which leads to Kick Kick Kick whiff Turn Around. It does roughly the same damage as comboing into super from dash punch. This is a heavy part of my game, but I don’t see a lot of other Rog’s using it.

This doesn’t work against every character in the corner and I also noticed it can affect the juggle depending on whether you activate super with kicks or punches.

I did a list like this for vanilla a long time ago but never got around to posting it. I can say though that they definitely made some changes to the juggleablity of the super in the corner.

This will be broken up into punch and kick activation. I also tested the super juggle by activating super when they are about level with Rog’s waistline. Hakan requires a slighlty higher activation to juggle properly.

Kick Activation

Punch Activation
Dee Jay

Both Punch and Kick Activations
C. Viper

Doesn’t Work at all
El Fuerte
Fei Long

*Dhalsim only juggles for Kick Kick Kick Whiff Whiff
**Guy’s juggle reacts differently depending on whether you activate with punches or kicks
***Hakan’s juggle is height dependent. You mus activate roughly chest level to get full juggle. If you activate too low you end up with Kick Kick Kick Kick Whiff.

i hope balrog and his ibuki match up stays that way, because these ninjas havent been brought out to their full potential yet. i can already tell guy is a pain, his high, low, and grab games are sooooo annoying for both on Juri? That’s weird, I’m sure I tested it and it didn’t work. Must be a timing thing.
Upper loop on Juri starting with an Overhead right? Will have to make a mental note of that.

Yeah, Juri should be c.LK for when she is standing or crouching.

The thing with the Dash Upper Loop on Juri is that if your first Upper connects, you must do c.LP, c.MP if you’re going for a headbutt ender. You can do c.LP, s.LP to continue the loop, but because of her weird standing animation, you must do c.LP, c.MP to connect to a headbutt. Otherwise, your second c.LP will whiff.

I don’t know if its distance dependent or if its just the ex grab roll thingy, but I was also able to punish Ibuki with a Reversal Ultra I after it… she was like 3/4 of the screen away

I throughly tested this and it is no different on ibuki than any other character from my observation. distance has nothing to do with frame advantage so it won’t effect the link of jab into ultra.

If anyone else could test this it would be appreciated.

just make life easier on yourself and do dash punch super cancel. head butt to super can be at times inconsistent and at all times less damage.

it is going to be distance dependent. think of it like guy’s slide. if it hits you at the tip it is nonpunishable. but if he hits it deep you can do whatever you want.

i have confirmed that a standing juri will not get hit with cr. lk after overhead. you must use cr. mp or cr. hk

On the abel ultra 2 bit, there are three options and all of them suck. You can jump behind him, it only goes forward, you can do an armor breaking move, i.e. torpedo, or you can jab him twice. In any case, you should just treat it like akuma’s raging demon ultra and be weary of the rolls and look for big damage combos so when he does get ultra, you’ve got the life lead and afterwards you’ll have enough ultra bar to finish the deal.