Momochi and Tokido

Ive been watching lots os videos from both players and I came to find that my playing is mostly inspired by Momochis style. Tokido seems to be more agressive and to take more risks when playing against strong characters like Sagat. Momochi tends to be more defensive, although he doesnt hesitate to rushdown when he has the opportunity.

So, between these two, whos your favourite player? Which one do you think suits your play style the most?

if i had the execution, i would go for k66’s rushdown style :slight_smile: but atm i play a defensive style that punishes ur whiffed mistakes.

I’m with the OP: I have a penchant for Momochi’s style of play - he patiently waits for an opening, then when he finds it, he decends on his foe like a hawk on a defenseless baby rabbit! Though it looks like his style requires nearly perfect execution and extreme confidence in your capabilities… sigh… I’m soooooo far away from that right now.

I like em both about equal.

I find that Tokido has better execution and Momochi has better mind games. Which may explain teh difference in styles. I find supreme execution breads aggression and cerebral play breeds a more conservative style.

Personally I’m a bit on the aggressive side, but not quite as aggressive as Tokido.

I like Tokido the best because of his prime execution. But my play style is mostly based on Misse’s Akuma.

id like to say that i play like momochi but i would be lieing if i did haha. im nowhere near as good as momochi but i do play a defensive style like his. i love to defensively H jumping over fireballs and baiting shoryus to punish them. also love canceling normals into demons like momochi did against daigo (momochi did a sweep, hit digo with the sweep while digo was FA, daigo dashes forward to punish the sweep and momochi cancels the sweep into demon without missing a beat). momochi is an insperation for my akuma game. and hes also not a bad mokoto player in 3rd strike. so i would have to say momochi is my fave akuma.

I admit I am more into the Tokido school of thought. Though I am not against playing defensively if the situation requires it.

I enjoy Tokido’s play the most, but I most certainly play defensive. I don’t get modeling yourself after other players, sort of makes it hard to stand out.

thats what i was thinking… my ideal style would be perfect defense until knockdown then vortex

It isn’t so much modeling yourself after players as saying which style are you closer to.

I borrow aspects from all Goukis.

I admire Momochi’s clinical and calculated style of play but at the same time I think Gouki shines when used aggressively without being stupid.

fine line my brudda…fine line

It is indeed. However when done sensibly, Gouki is an absolute monster. The best player in Australia mains Gouki and his offensive is wicked. I now train my Gouki with him from time to time and as such have begun amping up my offensive game whilst (trying) to be smart about things. I feel that it requires confidence combined with solid execution to really flex this part of Gouki’s game. When it all comes together the rewards come fast.

When it all goes pear shaped, so does that ‘KO’ banner in favour of your opponent however.

I find that I play the most like Yuu(Star) kind of reckless at times with offense but a calculated recklessness…along with the ability to down back when I got the life.

Who won more matches, tournaments?

What he said…

I dont know, Momochi and Tokido are both amazing but if I play similar to anybody it would be JR Rodriguez with all the demon flip pressure but not as much since I feel he does it a little too much sometimes.

I think that it depends on what style of play you want to play during the match. Because, if i want to play smart ill watch Momochi but if i want to be aggressive ill watch Tokido play the match up and see how they handle their opponents.

I play more calculating defensive wise than being aggressive. In my opinion Akuma should be played like the way Momochi does simply because one slip and your done. Unless you are a “Perfect” never miss a link or combo type Akuma player than by all means play aggressive but since no one is perfect then Defensive wise is how I roll.

Na. Akuma inst a defensive character but SF4 made him one.