Momochi and Tokido

Actually I believe he is simply cause of his health. If you can go in and perform “perfect” combos without missing any links or be able to get in and out and not do “any mistakes” than yeah but since noone is perfect what keeps him (in my opinion) to be played a defensive style character is his health BUT I respect your opinion so let’s agree to disagree.

Now if he had 1000 health wise(that will be the day) then yeah being aggressive Akuma he will be but us Akuma players will never see that.

Yea your right. But look at 3s Akuma and then look at SF4 Akuma… Its Not the same feel. Hes play style has changed A LOT! i want that snap yo neck akuma not that have to find tricks to beat you…

Well, all you really have to do is look at how almost all of Akuma’s punishes, bnb and his ultra are most effective when you catch your opponent making a mistake (whiffed srk, super, ultra, whatever…). Those that wield akuma in an aggressive manner do so because they’re good at getting into their opponent’s minds. But once those opponents aren’t fazed, even an aggressive Akuma would have troulbe during a match. Especially for a beginner, there’s no sense in going out in a blaze of glory, dying in 10 seconds trying to “be aggressive” when the match will be over so quick, you won’t be able to gain anything worthwhile out of it.

I don’t know about giving him more health, but if some of his moves were a bit “safer”, I think it would make playing Akuma “aggressively” slightly more palatable for newer players. At least IMO.

I totally agree with you but theres only 1 problem to that…in 3s Akuma has the KKz while in 4 he has 2 SGS which in my opinion is very stupid. Now if only Akuma had a KKZ as a super in SF4 then his play style would be a little more aggressive simply because you can combo into a KKZ and believe me that little part makes a big difference in a style of play but leave it to capcom to F up Akuma in Super and leave us Akuma players wondering why “if Akuma is the man who perfected Ryu and Ken’s fighting art then why is he weaker than Ryu? Let alone why don’t Capcom give the Master of the Fists his KKZ or Misogi?” hell they buff every character in SSFIV BUT Akuma…this is why I might not get SSFIV…

Oh and BTW I don’t want to hear “just because AKuma didn’t get this or that it’s no excuse to not get SSFIV cause of this and that…” to be honest I play SF in general cause of Akuma. I don’t play with no other character so I don’t care about them. Sorry my decision…

Sorry to get out of content with the post…I still prefer Momochi style of play though…

Yea, i also like Momochi style of play…liked EDMA before him but you know how that goes…:tdown:

Tokido is a much more entertaining player from a spectator standpoint. But I’d say I like Momochi over Tokido in overall skill and smart decision making.

preach on brotha preach on! i agree with what i bolded

LMAO but isn’t it true though? I don’t care about the other characters but like I said…I might even get SSFIV but who knows what might happen…

I can honestly see where you are coming from but a hardcore Akuma player would stick with him through thick and thin. I mean look at the Dan forum, Dan is literally dead last in the tier list but his fan base is stupid big and people play him knowing he doesn?t have shit for tools, However, Dan IS intended to be a joke/BS character none of his jabs link he can?t combo for shit but people are still winning with him. Akuma still/will have great tools, I?ll still stick with my main all the way. I?m also interested in playing Makoto as she was my alt in 3s, So I will be picking up ssf4, even though Akuma is getting the shaft compared to everyone else.

lolol troll

Well I’m not deserting him cause I never will but i just won’t pick up SSFIV(maybe…maybe not) cause Akuma is getting prison rape nasty…lmao. Also about Dan…I agree on that subject but Dan never was in Akuma’s level so it’s easier to stick by him compare to Akuma who always been a power house…but I don’t know…since I bought the game already I’m still undecided if I should just get my money back or play it out…don’t know but I’m sure my feelings will change about not picking up SSFIV…Thanks bro…lmao

@west cant i troll everyonce in a while too? its so much fun haha

@Z.G. fuck, you already paid for it? just play it youll (we all too) will have to learn new shinanigans and find other things out with the tools they gave us (or in our case took away). i cant wait to learn the new matchups and tachtics against the new castmembers. i think itll be fun as hell!

Yeah I already payed for it and I’ll be playing it 4 days before the 27th(due to a hook up) but yeah I was thinking about it last night and I’m more hype about it now cause of the new match ups with the new characters also hopefully there won’t be 1,000,000,000 ryu players out there…lmao hopefully the ain’t that bad.

Dude. the St.HK loop was retarded good and the game is better without it. Akuma is a beastmode character in SF4 not soley because of Akuma is a high tier character because his combos melt your life, Raging Demon Ultra takes away basic options for most of the cast that are normally safe to do, and his mix-ups after a knockdown or so good that he can make you guess wrong till you die.

I dont see Akuma being killed in SSF4. I do, however, see Rufus and maybe Balrog getting slain by Capcom. In Fact, I think increasing the game speed will only go to make him stronger.

In conclusion: Dont start bitching because you can’t loop sagat anymore. I mained Fei Long in SF4. Note past tense. That’s why I’m on the akuma boards.

It was pretty good and it evened up the match between Sagat and Abel, but against all other characters its not really worth it.

20% off 1 BnB I wouldn’t call melt

Simply not true. If its safe then it can’t be demoned. The main demons I hit are low foward demons from jump-ins, and grabbing stupid telegraphed moves like scissors and dash punches, neither of which are safe.

O.K. I’ll buy that

The loop is needed against SFIV Sagat, perhaps it won’t be needed against SSFIV Sagat, seeing as he’s being changed quite a bit (life/damage reduction). We will see. Regardless, I know nothing about the Abel match other than to use st.HK a bunch and get free damage, so now that it’s going away I’m going to be bummed out. Complaining about the Raging Demon taking away “safe” options is hilarious, pretty much any ultra takes away those options you consider safe if you use it correctly, so I don’t think those options are very safe at all then. Fuzzy Wuzzy was also a bear.

Yea i think a lot of match ups help Akuma because of this ST.HK but still it doesn’t change a character because of just 1 move. Hes also said to have the best ex moves in this game from a character that never had ex moves. People only tend to do ST.HK when they want some free hits, and want to loop a character ,or just playing the Able match up. Other than that, the whole match is basically mix ups and such. I still think people gonna play Akuma in SSF4 because hes AKUMA! Hes that heavy hitter that makes you wanna stop and think what your during, bout time then your DEAD!

whats wrong with ed’s akuma?


Theres nothing wrong with Edmas Akuma. He basically quit cause he lost the drive. But i still got love fo my NIGGA!

Blanka ball is safe on block until you get demon. Just one example, but it’s one nevertheless.