Momochi says Latif > Wolfkrone (Viper)

i have to agree. what do you guys think?


A japanese player said something?

Well I guess that’s the be-all-end-all of it.

points to scoreboard

Momochi can stfu.

Obiwan Kenobi.

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Hmm… Latif and Wolfkrone made Top 8 at Evo… Momochi was in the crowd watching. Who gives a shit.

Latif was the same guy who would go on 50+ win steaks on PJ’s in hard lag back in the day rarely dropping anything even online. He’s definitely not a guy of excuses or worrying about matchups or anything. He even thought Honda matchup was pretty even and that’s mainly because he has the vortex with Viper down so well that he won’t let Honda get back up the first time he knocks him down. Wolfkrone plays solid and safe but that’t not as scary as Latif’s calculated but win the match fast heavy vortex style. Latif plays his cards more than Wolf but does it in a way that’s still calculated and safe enough to keep him out of trouble. He also generally has better execution and goes for the feint based frame traps and SJC dash ultras or sweeps more often.

I would agree with Latif’s Viper being more of a problem than Wolfkrone’s but they’re both extremely strong players for their own reasons. It’s nothing to make a big deal about because they’re both very capable of taking down any big name. Latif’s style of play just tends to pay off bigger than Wolf’s because his style opens people up more.



I like to watch wolfkrone more, but I think they are tie! Both are awesome go USA!

The two best us gg players still keeping it real in ae.

Oh no, not this shit again. Had enough of this on the Viper boards when it was Flash vs Wolfkrone.


If you guys are gonna wank over this shit, at least do it in the privacy of the character sub-boards…and close the door…everyone can see you.

I feel Latif’s is overall the better, more effective Viper. However, I do think Wolfkrone is Latif’s kryptonite. He’s got his number in a mirror match, for sure.

Latif is proactive, Wolfkrone is more reactive; Krone waits for you to make a dumb/unsafe move, and punishes it hard, while Latif forces that dumb move out of you, then sucks you down the drain via okizeme.

Overlooking the relentless chaining of Seismo feints, you may mistake Latif’s Viper for Krone’s when Latif is up against a really good Gief [or forced to zone]. 'Cause that’s how Krone plays most of his matches. He’s a guard dog with a magnifying glass. Latif is a hornet. With a jetpack. Armed with more than one stinger.

because latif viper gonna get a nerf …lol
i like wolfkrone a lot …he is very smart to do uppercuts and some random trades


I haven’t seen them play too many matches against each other (I think they’ve only played xbl ranked / endless), but every single match I’ve seen, latif won convincingly. but viper mirror is pretty dumb since a lot of is just momentum. regardless of who wins a mirror, it doesn’t make them better than the other guy overall.

I’d say Latif is better overall though. He looked fantastic before EVO, and I predicted him to make top at 8 worst. Wolfkrone is still mindblowlingly good, but I think Latif rightfully got second place.

seems like latif overall has the offensive game down but doesnt quite have the best defense. he goes in and messes the opponent up bad with his vortex. compared to wolfkrones which seems more patient and, like others said, feeds of of your mistakes. however theyre both great players in their own ways.

Who cares. They’re both fucking awesome to watch so quit caring who’s better, sit back and watch them both rape the shit out of their opponents.

Don’t be silly, its obvious latif is much better. The man took out daigo, tokido and poongko, jwong and various others in one tourney. His setups and his execution are better. They’re both godlike, but latif knows how to seal the W. If the game goes back to turtle style or viper gets nerfed, krone’s style will shine more, but as of now, latif wins this argument hands down.

Both Latiff and Krone are incredibly talented players, there’s no question about that.
However, what I admire the most in a player is consistency.
Wolfkrone has been consistent everyone knows that, and Latiff has been starting to show consistency by winning the SBO quals and then getting to the finals at EVO.
All I can say is that I’m really looking forwards to the next tournament season, and Seasons Beatings.