Has anyone else noticed that Momochi insults the USA whenever he’s in events not IN the USA? Like him wearing an “American Idiot” shirt in Aus? Maybe he’s mad at Justin Wong’s Dog?

I’ll just leave this here before this gets out of hand.

So the only instance of you have of Momochi insulting American players is him wearing a Green Day shirt?

You beat me to it.

It’'ll be interesting to see what happens now that Momochi’s on the same team as Wong.

This thread is about to take a nosedive in 3…2…

You’re five posts too late.

Thread’s over. Time to lock it, I’d do it myself, but I don’t mod this section.

If momochi didn’t have a reason to diss america this thread just gave him one.

[S]you’re an idiot[/S]YOU ARE STUUUPID

Ever notice how some people are so quick to misjudge the names in the game? I hear f.champ was donating TVs n shit and next thing you know I had a dream of him with a halo over his head n shit. Changed my perspective on him completely.