Why hasn’t anyone responded to this yet?

My only gripe is the hair at the very top. It gives the illusion that he head is bigger than normal. Then the shoulders should use a bit of work anatomy wise. I’m sure parrywhore (sp?) could throw something in to give an example.

I LOVE the coloring though. Very well done. In a small way she reminds me of a decked out Aeris (FF7)

The fan art thread is very lazy.

I like it. THe anatomy is fine to me, to give advice on anatomy is only really, for me now, to be done when it’s horribly off.

I mean if we all drew the same art would be very boring. I like the design of her clothes and her lil headband and hair.

That’s one of the freshest pics I’ve seen in the Fanart forum in a while. Very nice colours! Skin tones look good, tho I prefer a smoother blend on her face. And the upper neck could use more orange to go with the rest of her body. Ok enough nitpicking… this pic really stands out.:smile: Good job.:bgrin:

The skin rendering looks too much like the rendering on her clothing. It looks very unconfident, like you weren’t too sure what cuts and shadows you wanted, so you just blended everything together.

I understand you’re going for a manga style, but her shoulder is really off and her collar bone on the left side (her right) is wrong. It’s going INTO the shoulder when it should be stopping just before it. They could also use some better rendering. Seems like you dropped them in as an after-thought.

Her nosteral is just slightly too far in. My advice would be to either move it a bit to the right, or leave it out completely. Add a little more to the bridge of her nose, if you’re going to leave it out, though.

Also, you have a very thick lineweight on the top of her shoulder, where the light would be brightest and a thinner one under, where it would be darkest. As a general rule the lineweights are always thinner towards the light, and thicker away from it.

The eyes could use a little more rendering too, with some brighter highlights.

Love the hair rendering, though. It’s clearly what you spent the most time doing.

Great colors :slight_smile:

To Apathy: If you’re gonna critique, at least spell “nostril” correctly lol


Ok I guess you don’t know what a joke is lol

Looks good man. I think your lights are travelling too far. Try to think of shape a little more as some of the highlights are not consistant. Eyes are getting too white and your dark side is getting too light.

Here is a paint over to help you see what I am talking about.

you make it look to easy