MoN '07 Results

Thanks again for everyone who came out, it makes all the planning and preparing worthwhile.

Note: We didn’t hold MVC2 because there just wasn’t enough interest.

GG Singles

  1. Aaron Harris “AKA”
  2. David Navarette “Cue”
  3. Simon Yoo “YooYoung”
  4. Jamarr “Jamarvelous”
  5. Andrew Procter “722”
  6. Mario “youcanwonder”

GG Teams

  1. Rape Party (Yooyoung, Cue, Jamarvelous)
  2. F for Fandetta (722, Klaige, AKA)

3s Singles

  1. Shohaib Shaffiey “Shohaib”
  2. Jamarr “Jamarvelous”
  3. James “Humbag”
  4. Simon Yoo “YooYoung”
  5. Shekeib Shaffiey “Shekeib”
  6. Cameron “True Karate”

3s Teams

  1. Team Rape Party (Yooyoung, Jamarvelous)
  2. Team SHO-time (Shekeib, Shohaib)

Melty Blood

  1. James “Humbag”
  2. Andrew Procter “722”
  3. Yosh “Alcyon One”

Super Turbo

  1. Andrew Procter “722”
  2. Paul Dziuba “SuperFX”
  3. Simon Yoo “YooYoung”

I’ll post vids up shortly, I’ll put em up on youtube for sure within the next couple of days, but I’ll also put them up on filefront so you can download em.

it was real fun coming out and playing/meetin all you guys

**Slash Singles - Characters used

  1. Aaron (Millia)
  2. David (Eddie, Slayer, Bridget, Sol)
  3. Simon (Sol)
  4. Jamarr (Jam, Potemkin)
  5. Andrew (Bridget)
  6. Mario (Baiken)

I’m not 100% sure if that was all the characters.


In the match to get to loser’s final Jamarr’s Potemkin played Simon’s Sol.

Simon wins 2-0 I think?

In the winner’s final David played Eddie against Aaron’s Millia, when David lost the first match he moved to Slayer.

Aaron wins 2-0

In the loser’s final David decided to play Sol against Simon and won the mirror match 2-1. Simon uppercuts David’s dragon installed gunflame in the corner. :wow:

In the grand final David decides to stick with Sol against Aaron’s Millia.

Aaron wins 3-1

3s Singles - Characters used

  1. Shohaib (Yun)
  2. Jamarr (Chun-Li)
  3. Humbag (Dudley)
  4. Simon (Ken, Yun)
  5. Shekeib (Ken)
  6. Cameron (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Yang)

I’m not really sure how many different characters Cameron used but those are the ones that come to mind.


The match to get to the loser’s final was played between Jamarr and Simon. Simon decides to use Yun.

Jamarr wins 2-0

In the winner’s final it was Shohaib’s Yun vs. Humbag’s Dudley.

Shohaib won 2-0

The loser’s final was a rematch between Humbag’s Dudley and Jamarr’s Chun-Li. This time Jamarr’s Chun came out on top.

Jamarr wins 2-0

In the grand final Shohaib played Jamarr’s Chun and ended up winning

Earlier in the tournament Shohaib and Simon’s match went to the 3rd round of the 3rd game. Shohaib finally winning 2-1

Team tourney notes:

It was a single elimination tournament where Simon OCV’ed every team in both 3s and GG. Jamarr won money in both without playing.

lol jamarr winnin money for teams not even playin heh



Simon: Dude you are hella good, props. Thanks for the MM. You Nebraska guys warp all over the screen at light speed, I wish I could play you all the time. I’d put money on you over any Sol in the country.


Cue: Thanks for Waffle House, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Mario: Good shit, isn’t Baiken/Bridget the most boring turtly fight ever? Are you back in Omaha now or still AZ? The Midwest needs you!


Humbag: Thanks for making it out, too bad I didn’t get a schooling from you in 3S but I’ll settle for MBAC for now. Learn Guilty Gear!

AFRIKA: Good shit, you have come a long way since I first played you two Midwests ago. Just so you know, my Sol knows no fear. He’s just real patient is all.

To a fault.

Chojin: You know what’s what. Sieg Heil.


Alcyon One: Thanks for braving the voyage all the way out here, I think I’m gonna look around for a new business character in MBAC and start taking it seriously. WHY CAN’T I IAD TO THE LEFT, ANSWER ME

Also bu to bubz


Kurasa, right?: I don’t think I’ve ever lost that bad at 3S before, hahaha. Keep in touch, and definitely pick up ABA – you look like you pick shit up on the quick and she’s mad strong, plus you’ll learn how the game flows real well with a character like that.

Jason: I don’t think we ever played and I know I’d never seen you before but you’ve got some serious game. How long have you been at it?

Matt: Good games at 3S, you should post up more.

P.R.O: Good shit sticking to the Eddie guns, are you about ready for Accent-Core yet? Hahah. You and Steve got something to your game I wish I had.

Atrice: Good work on your May. We need to play some mirror matches before we know if you’re ready to carry the MO May torch though. There are some more tricks I want to show you now that you’ve got the execution for it. Hit me up.

Steve: What can I say? You guys all make me proud to be in the MO scene but you most of all. You’ve got to be the only one here other than Aaron who plays these pixie characters as fast as they do up in Omaha and you can carry a TV with your left pinky. Too broken.


I know you guys wanted to do all the work, I was just obliging.

Can we bring “ay ay ay” to the American GG scene? Only time will tell.

Too bad it doesn’t really work for Bridget’s combos, huh.


I know you guys wanted to do all the work, I was just obliging.


My brothers and sisters (except without the sisters), now the gauntlet has been thrown down and you know what we’re up against. Time to get organized and play every hour of every day.

Guess ill do my full shoutouts now:

722: it was really cool to meet ya dude! Too bad we didnt play 3s at all against eachothere hehe, but the melty blood tourny was some fun stuff! I have been learning GG quite a bit. Hopefully by evo north my slayer will be in tourny form. WHERE IS MY BURRITO!??!?!

Shohaib: your yun is nuts man! props on winnin 3s dude. I just wish i would played a little better that match heh. I kept on trying to red parry the shoulder after the target combo but it never worked lol.

Shekeib: it was real cool to meet both you and your bro. your ken is no joke! gj on running the tourny too!

AKA: your a real cool dude, it was fun as hell to play Hnk with you for a good while, your milla is awesome as well.

Simon: Always a cool dude. It was fun being able to play you again in 3s, and not on perfect 360 sticks heh. Your sol is no joke, hopefully my slayer will get better.

Steve: One coooool ass guy. Scott was right, you are probably one of the nicest and chillest guys. Thanks for the tips in VF, im hoping to get better at it.

Jamarr: good shit in 3s man! i was kinda nervous when i saw i had to play your chun again in loosers finales, and this time you came out on top.

Klaige: again, another real cool guy! your anji was real fun to watch!

Well I better wrap this up, all in all it was a fun time playing most of you for the first time. See you all at evo north probably.

I’m super lazy to write out full shout-outs, but I will give abbreviated shouts for all my homez!

NEBRASKA - Way to hold it down and keep it real like always. I love you guys to death and it was really great to see you all again. I hope you guys can make it out to the Accent Core event I’ll be holding once the game hits PS2. Until then, be easy.

Everybody else - Even though a lot of people had to leave early and didn’t get to compete, this was still an awesome tournament. We have a lot of dedicated people in the MW and the strong showing of high level comp just reinforces that confidence.

Congratulations to James for winning MB, Andrew for winning ST, and of course Shohaib for winning 3s.

James, you’re a really cool guy and you’re strong in every game you play. I totally had no idea you were Humbag until like halfway through the 3s tourny, haha! Hit me up online sometime (if I’m around) if you want to talk Fist or GG or anything really.

Atrice - Stay longer! BOOOO!

Scott - Stay longer! HISSSSS!

Travis - We didn’t even play once, I think! Next time we’ll have to play hardcore. Hope your wife is doing better, and HnK will take you!

Everyone come to STL in early June for an event for AC and other games!

Yeah man, thanks, keep on playing HnK!

All i know is “DAMNIT WHY CANT I THROW!!!” haha.

cant wait for ac slayer

3s vids

For Guilty vids go to or

We couldn’t get the sound working in the team final, and it kind of takes a second for it to start up.

The video quality isn’t the best but here they are: