Monday Night Beat Down Weekly SFV Tourney at DVD Ave in Inglewood 3/21/16

Last week I hosted a tournament last minute at DVD Ave in Inglewood and the turnout was great. I met some old school and new school players alike and a former EVO Champion wound up taking the Crown as the first SFV Champion at DVD Ave. Thank you all for coming out to support; I love the camaraderie that is associated with the FGC. I spoke with the owner and he has graciously offered his store for the FGC to host weekly tournaments on Mondays evenings.

With that being said I am proud to announce Monday Night Beat Down!
(also known as Chicken Mondays because there’s a Popeyes next door)


DVD Ave: 951 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302
Venue Pic #1
Venue Pic #2
Venue Pic #3

Start Time:

$5 Entry fee and $3 Venue Fee

Double Elimination
Best of 3 (First to 2)
Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals is best of 5 (First to 3)

1st= 60%
2nd= 30%
3rd= 10%

Updated Results:

1st: Afro Cole
2nd: Valiant
3rd: Ike Fights

3/7/16 Results:
1st: PillowofWind
2nd: SleepyKing
3rd: GreenJoker

2/29/16 Results:
1st: Afro Cole
2nd: PillowofWind
3rd. Voltron

2/18/16 Results:
1st: Afro Cole (with the OG yoga pose)
2nd: CoolChillN (Just Shoryu chillN)
3rd: Azad (With the F your wakeup DP/Super face lol)

Thanks for everyone who came out again.

I will work on streaming the event. At the very least I will record the matches and stream on my laptop then run the playback on Twitch and stream the matches later.

The other venues in the Greater Los Angeles area are a bit far for some people so it is nice to have one more centrally located in Los Angeles. DVD Ave is located on La Brea and Centinela in the Starbucks/Popeyes shopping center. Text Jerry if you’d like (310) 292-2590


Street Fighter V is here and last night most of SoCal got a good taste of competition at WNF. Bring extra salt to DVD Ave tonight at 8pm and let’s get another tourney going.

Entry $5
Time: 8pm
Location: La Brea and Centinela in Inglewood. Text Jerry at (310) 292-2590 to confirm
Best of 3 (first to win 2 matches)
Double Elimination

Venue Pic #1
Venue Pic #2


(Do not #StayDown playing online lol)


Total Entrants: 14
$5 Entry

  1. Afro Cole
  2. CoolChillN
  3. Azad

We have your first Thursday Night Beat Down Champ! Afro Cole!!

  1. Afro Cole
  2. CoolChillN
  3. Azad

win the next one DOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

My day 2 Mika held it down. Going for it all next time!

@IfritPhantom Yo me and another person are coming next monday is it still running?

Yes it is brotha. Come on down. Go ahead and text me so that I have your contact information and if you get lost or have any questions feel free to ask.

will do

@IfritPhantom we on for tonight?


Yes. Please show up on time. Bring EXTRA salt!

Going to try and stream the tourney today at

Tune in at 8pm pst

Good games to everyone last night. Competition is getting tougher!

Thanks for coming out on a regular basis. Nice to see the weekly tournaments growing to have good numbers.

Here is footage from Top 4 on 3/14/16

1st: Afro Cole
2nd: Valiant
3rd: Ike Fights
4th: Sleepy King (Danny)