Monday Night COMBAT! (Or...any other day of the week)

Seems like alot of the COD peeps are getting into MNC; so this is the initial thread to organize strategies and such. :cool::nunchuck::woot:

For a quick overview of what MNC is goto their site

Uber Entertainment - Home of Monday Night Combat

I believe its the first game they have ever made. They are already working on a patch for the game and implemented some fixes the other day, all of these which came from the suggestions of people who play the game. last i checked over 120k people had played online and its only 1200 MS Points.

The best comparison i have heard is a weird Halo + TF2 + Dota mix

COD is dead… MNC is the new hot shit!!

unless you are of course 14 and would like to video chat.

lol…I’m still on the fence…I’m trying to curb my Xbox addiction…as well the control felt kinda fubar…especially turning/aiming…

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How the hell do you use the Assassin!?

I play a “meh” Assault and an okay Support

I haven’t played online so I have no clue how it is; so pretty much i’m horrible…LOL

This is a good game when you just need to take a rest from the BS of MW2. Obviously is not something to play alone since the amount of stupid in this game is horrible.

I love this game, but I really just like playing Support 99% of the time, because that character is The Shit?. He has so many toys at his disposal…it’s almost like having Batman on your team, except he happens to look like a Ghostbusters reject. Strategically, there’s SO many delicious layers going on there.

…already mentioned in the xbox thread, but I like starting off leveling up Firebase and Hack abilities ASAP. Next in priority for me is Airstrike and finally the passive “Support” skill. I like focusing on maintaining a strong defense for our base… I’m keeping the turrets (+ my little buddy the Firebase turret) overhealed, upgraded and hacked whenever I can. Mid to late game I like to start up the onslaught of Gap Shot bots however many times I can afford it…though now I’m wondering if it would be better to mix some of that into my “early game” tactics…

If there’s too many Supports already, then I’ll be an Assault or Tank, though I’m probably terrible with the rest of the characters in this game. Heh, I still haven’t even played with Assassin more than once.

So I should play her like the Spy from TF2? Cause I use the “Support” guy as a blend of Medic and Engineer

I went ahead and bought and quit in frustration of the controls and awkwardness trying to do shit with the assassain. I needd to hop on line to see what its like, but I just barely beat an exhibition match which is ‘light’.

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Yeah i cant really stand playing by myself, but none of you guys are ever playing!!

yeah i played and as soon as i saw teh bot timer take forever, i knew something was up. Then i heard about the updates which i think are good changes because spawned bots are a bit imba if you have a ton of cash. I think they should also up the cost to 150 or have class specific cool downs.

i was wondering why you level up firebase and hack first then i saw you like defense for the base :wink:
Always be sure to put your turret under a bridge when defending, if possible. This stops other supports from just one shotting it with airstrike.

Also, if an assassin ever grabs you from the front you can switch to shotgun during the animation and blast her as soon as you recover for a GG assassin. (assassin’s take note of that when attacking a support!)

A strat i read and now use is when you get Juice, i run to the Opp’s base, juice up and hack one of their rocket turrets. (of course you need level 3 Hack for this though) so once i get level 3 hack and i see they have a rocket turret or two, ill switch to my custom class with Gold Juice endorsement so i can get the Juice a little bit faster. You can switch to a class with different endorsements and keep your stats, just cant switch characters.

I use a gunner with Armor, Rate of fire and Clip size, in that order for endorsments, however, I’m thinking of switching armor out,since even it won’t stop me from getting 1 hit killed from a back grapple with an assassin with a fully upgraded sword.

This is true, but how many times do assassins run away after putting the enemy in the red… its funny how many run after you with swords when they could just throw shoru’s too

If you are getting grappled from behind a lot, get used to jumping/bunny hopping. I use ROF, armor, accuracy as my endorsements so if you drop armor i def reccomend accuracy in there.

I don’t have a problem with getting grapple, I mean, it happen’s, but only when I’m engaged in another fight, I usually see them coming and a quick slam or going ariborn fixes that. So I may try bumping ROF or Accuracy to the front and not even using armor.

does critical shot do anythi8ng really useful for a gunner- or any class for that matter.

I used crit shot for a while, but didnt really gather much info from it… i know if you see your bullets turn purple it means its a critical shot, but i dont know what % it gives you.

Gunner really depends on what your goal is, pushing lanes or killing bots (enemies). for pushing lanes i think something like ROF, Clip, reload/accuracy. For killing bots, ROF/armor/accuracy or Armor/Crit/xxx or Crit/Armor/xxx are some builds ive used that are VERY successful. You NEED the armor for the fire fights.

Can I get in on a Team SRK for MNC? My teams are always ass…

I’d say I’m a pretty solid Heavy/Assault/Support player.


I moslty just use that ability to super jump and “Spy” on my opponents from a vantage point

Yeah, I quickly realized this earlier today. I usually like to push for the objective, take out turrents, escort bots, cover my team mates, but I still am able to do good work vs enemy players and most of the time have a very good K/D ratio, once I dropped armor I couldn’t hang out in the thick of things anymore, and I felt like I was playing a slower, crappier assualt. Of course it could just be that I suck and need the armor for a safety net, but screw it, it’s working.

Needs Team Death Match.

I hope this game never gets a Team death match- ever.

how would you get team death match when it is not even the point of the game? The models, hit boxes, aiming, would make TDM a huge clusterfuck.