Monday Night Fights at Deezo's House of Horrors and Fried Chicken

Okay, it’s not so much of a secret that I’ve been having sessions over at my crib in Federal Way every Monday night so I figured I would make a thread for it to regulate the # of peeps that roll through. This will be going down every Monday night unless something comes up (which I’ll post to update peeps). Peeps usually show up around 7 or 8 and then we play for a couple hours before heading to Pho Tai to eat and chill. Then we come back and play until 2,3 in the morning. My place isn’t very big so the most I can have at one time is maybe like 7,8 peeps. The list of usuals usually consists of…


I know that today Mickey and Elias have expressed interest in coming and I think I’ll have to limit it to just us eight for tonight. We’ll need a second tv and xbox for another SFIV setup. Yes this is primarily a SFIV session, if you like playing spastic ass fighting games, you might not wanna come =/.

Address is…
33025 18th PL S apt E 102
Federal Way, WA 98003

My phone # is 206-446-1236 (currently out of mins, and I can’t get texts, times is rough =()

Be sure to park anywhere that says visitor. I’m thinking of having at least a couple sessions a week, especially since Evo is around the corner. Depends on if people are down of course =/.

MNF’s rising from the ashes like a mother fucking phoenix.

random text message victim #2.

Yes MNF’S!!! I hope to come down tonight, we’ll see whats up

Mandel if it’s chill with you id like to attend sometime.

EY. who got the tv.

for real, I got dat xbox if someone got dat tv. someone fuggin text me if they’re gonna bring a tv, because I don’t wanna lug my xbox around for no reason if there’s not gonna be a second tv.

Brent is bringing another tv. We just need two xboxs!

Ghrrk Nowitzki-I’m perfectly fine with that my dude! You’re gonna have to stroll through to these sessions.

its my finals week =( im for sure there next week mandel.

Awright, I’ll bring mine/sf4/a stick. So there’s one setup.

If you have another next week, would it be cool if I showed up?

u work tonight?
i got baby gift

edit: shit, I took off with somebody’s sfiv case with star ocean disc 2 in it. so somebody has my case, art flipped inside out, coin inside.

Tight session. Fuck Federal Way Denny’s though. I would be fine with never going there again.

Mandel Scott’s: Come for the street fighter, stay to see Trace almost kill a drunk bum in the Denny’s parking lot.

that would be mine…

god i missed something tight! MNFs always had some shit happening at the eating spot hahaha. i blame nolan ;p and that damn squirrel

Damn, I’m all over this. I’m visiting Seattle in August for about two weeks, so hopefully you’ll still hold sessions then!

We gotta kick it homie!!!

i vote wednesday night or thurs to have another session! GO GO GO GO

Fo’ shizzle.

You wanna go one on one with me right here?