Monday Night Fights - Corvallis, OR


Corvallis’s weekly casuals continue, but on a new day. The Salem seduction continues, with King of Fighters 13 displacing mostly displacing Marvel. We’ll be playing Street Fighter 4:AE 2012 and KoF13 primarily, but there are still Marvel 3 diehards who’ll play. Skullgirls has fallen a bit aside, but there’s still some passion.

We have plenty of EVO monitor setups, so come on out, bring your console, bring your favorite game.

We play from about 6:30pm to 10:00pm at my house, send me a pm for the address.

Tuesday Night Fights - Corvallis, OR

Monday Night Fights continues this week, we’ll be starting an informal league to track performance and skill among all of our players!


Haven’t updated this in a while, but Monday Night Fights is still going strong! We’re looking to level up and help each other out, starting to talk about building a real Mid Wilamette team for tourneys.


Coming in from out of town and im looking to MM any challengers. Any Takes?


Monday Night Fights continues! I’ve been bad about posting here, but we’ll be hitting up the KoF13 and SSF4:AE tonight. Send me a PM for the address as usual.


With school starting next week, we’ve got some more SF4 people back in town this week! The KoF total dominance will be broken, with our dedicated SF4 players returning! Come out and play at Monday Night Fights tonight!