Monday Night HDR


This is a feeble attempt to get all the regulars on at once and just have a good 'ol time, like dem good 'ol days.

If we could all just try to get on PSN during the whole evening on Mondays, meet up in the NHC chat, make multiple rooms and have a great time on HDRemix- it would be a blast.

It’s just that it’s been a while since many people were all on at once playing HDR and those were some fun times and I haven’t really played HDR regularly for some time.

Why Mondays? Well… I’m selfish and I have free time. :stuck_out_tongue:

See you tomorrow tonight and subsequent Mondays. :wink:


That’d be nice. I don’t even think I’ve gotten too many matches with you yet, dbo. I work Mondays so I won’t be able to get on till a little later…but I have off Tuesdays so I should be able to play somewhat late :stuck_out_tongue:


Tuesdays would be cool, too. Yeah, we haven’t gotten that many games in but I remember your Cammy being very good. I’ll try to be on Tuesday evening, too.


I mean play late on Monday nights haha…Tuesday nights won’t be very good since I have work early on Wednesdays.


I think part of the problem is people getting on at all different times of the day and missing each other. We should try to lock down a more specific prime time. I get on at random times between 6PM and 2AM EST and sometimes people are logging off as I log on or I’m going to bed as they log in. If we could all agree to try to be online at, say, 10-11pm eastern time, 7-8pm pacific, then we could get more activity going at once. That is, of course, just a fairly random suggestion and we could look at people’s schedules to find something better. I make my own hours, so I’m as open as it gets.

Also, I’m going to have to miss the first two Mondays of this, because I’m going to visit family for Christmas, but I’ll be back the next Thursday or Friday.


I would like to start playing HDR again… Nights don’t really work for me anymore cuz I work at 5 a.m. now. Except on weekends…


So whaddya call it… MNSF? Monday is cool with me.


That sounds like a good idea. Now that Monday Night Football is almost over, I’d be down. Now if I can only stop playing GT5 so much…

How bout Tuesdays? And perhaps maybe people who can record matches can get in on this as well?


When does this start? I was on tonight and only saw a few guys on…


I missed it last night, save for a quick game with Rashid-O, but I’ll be sure to get some games in later tonight. No specific time, SLEZ, I was thinking it can start in the early evening when everyone winds down and all throughout the late evening.


i’m definitely down. Too bad I didn’t catch this thread earlier this week. Anyway, Monday’s work for me. I wouldn’t be able to get on until about 10p.m. EST tho. Anyway, hope to see a good turnout this upcoming Monday. Keep the scene alive damn it. **2011 - Year of the HDR comeback! ** lol.

Seriously though, everyone needs to stop effin around and start playing. Let’s get the online tourneys started up again. Peoples: make it out to your **local **tourneys! Get tourney threads going, road trip it up, whatever you gotta do to make it happen. I’ll be damned if I have to watch HDR go down without a fight. Please tell me I’m not the only one!?!?!?!?


I’m also down for this. I miss my HD Remix homies. I’ve just been kinda busy, so I haven’t had the time to get online. I’m definitely gonna try to be online more often than usual. I’m probably sucking like crazy right now.

And I fully agree, Hado. I want the HD Remix to stay strong, too, homie.


School has been kicking the stuffing out of me. Statistics FTL! I’ve had to keep away from HDR like the plague during the weekdays. The game is too addictive for me so I have to go cold turkey. I’m a lightweight that can’t handle his HDR.
…Maybe I’ll play just a few games next Monday.


I’ll try to make it next Monday, my schedule is busy so it’s very random when I get to get on (and I’ve been hooked on Dragon Age lately). I think it would help more if everyone got into the NHC chat room when they go on so we can coordinate rooms, it’s so hard on PSN to find rooms with good players since you can’t just join a friend’s room like you can on XBL. I usually fire up HDR on PSN, bounce to a couple of rooms looking for good players and if I can’t find any good rooms I just go play something else.


^^What Possum said.
I also would like to participate in this as well.


I will usually make a room and invite people if they are on now since I can’t seem to find any good rooms myself. I also try to join the chat but no one is in there but me…


I’m logging on after I post this, hope to see familiar handles. :slight_smile:


Noobs welcome? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be on in one hour…hope people are on…? :smiley:


Yeah, I do the same thing as possum when i log on. It’s not like the good ol’ days anymore. But hey, let me know what time you guys want to set it off…not sure if i can do the late, late nights since I have to be up early these days. But I can play anytime after 10PM (EST) on Monday’s or maybe a bit after Monday Night Football if i’m crunk on that Joose…I mean Red Bull. Time for me to make my PSN return. Seriously!