Money bets vs chobazzle ggxx/mvc2


Sup! remember i am from vegas which means pfft how good can i be? (not very) ill accept all money matches for ggxx

mvc2 depends who calls me out cause im not too confident haha.


oh its on like donkey kong biotch…first to 10 for a watermelon smoothie…lol,lets just play fagboi


Rematch, bitch.

First to 10 for 50 bucks in both games.

:wink: <3 Mexico


fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yea thats what im talking about hahah

so 50 for both or 50 for each game?

im down for 50 in each game holla@ cha boy!


50 for each game, mothafucka. That’s the way it is. Remember I’m from Puerto Rico so how good can I be (not really good) :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Yo soy tu pai. :open_mouth:


Fuck yea ;D gona have you holding your chest like im singing the national anthem!


I didn’t know little Mexico had an anthem.


i challange u to mvc2 :evil:


bomb! :smiley: how much ;D


i challenge you to rush 2049; 50 bucks a game 2/3 ;D


it gives you wings!


we’ll see when i see u at evo


Ooh! Ooh! I want to get in on this too!

I dunno what game, I dunno how much, I dunno exactly when.

we’ll see when i see you at evo



Kewl =] this will be bomb


I dont no u, but ill challege u to a drinking contest! $50! whaha!


I’ll challenge you to 10 bucks in both games as well.
Best of how many is upto you.


if mvc2 will be all console … then forget it, i cant play on console for shit


bomb 4/7

done and done


First to 30 in both games for $1. Each. edieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



lol!! this guy