Money for Leopaldon Art/Stick Art

EDIT: I’ve got 2 artists lined up to work on this now, so I think I’m good. Thank you!

P.S: I’m leaving the gif up, since people seem to like it so much.

YAH ! Who’s your daddy !! SAY MAH NAYME BITCH !! :rofl:
(sorry that animation looks funny…either that or I’ve been watching too much pron:xeye:)

As for the topic…it will be pretty hard to draw from scratch.Why dont you scan any official artwork and clean it up in photoshop or something ?

Yeah…gotta say that despite Leo’s inherent awesomeness, that standing animation is a bit odd…

The little guy beats a drum, the dog makes kissy-faces, and the big thing does pelvic thrusts…wtf?