Money-match me at this evo


I’m going to evo this year, and I’m taking money match requests in cvs2.

Before anyone actually asks me if I would take on the match, I’m challenging Buktooth and kcxj to play money matches on me.

Buktooth - I know you wanna play me for money. 2/3 games, $5, Cool? and I’m bringing a stick that works.

kcxj - I don’t even know if you go to tournaments, but 3/5 for $50 at evo. respond.

Anyone else (popoblo) just ask.


No bet. Don’t ask me anymore.


go rip open some fresh assholes, laugh!


how about more? :cybot:


Yo, $5.

(now i just need to remember who i money matched and who are the casual only ones).


Korea SUCKS!!! :razz:


:rofl: Kim-Shi and Mooda-Mooda


Prism: wait, are you who I think you are, Prism? Fa sho! I’ll rip em LARGE just for you. :wink:

Buk: Hmm, I’ll just play in the team tournies. $5 is enough. I’m thinking that it’ll be pretty tough to play you, but then I also heard that you went even with Warren/evilelvis at ECC, so I should be even too. $5 it is, still cool?

vasAZNion: Sure. $5 it is. 2/3 cool? SoCal vs. (somewhat) SoCal shouldn’t be more than $5 and make it into a grudge thing, right?

Sage: I didn’t think the whole world sucked, thanks for letting me know. ???. Wanna play first to 10 (best of 19) in ST for a whole pizza?

Shit, I gotta get my visa straightened ASAP.


lol, you hear weird shit…i was at ecc and i don’t remember buk being there.


pizza! Bet it! and some cvs2 would be nice again, we’ll talk at evo . cya there.