Money match me @ EVO (3s)

I don’t know what happened last year, but nearly all the MM’s I had scheduled didn’t happen due to people backing out. So I guess I’ll try something different this year. Either post in this thread, or find me at EVO. I’ll most likely be willing to play.

Last year we played once in a casual.
I remember I lost cause I didn’t take you seriously (don’t blame, I played against like 20 scrubby remys that day), but after that I realized you’re good
I would like to play you a 3 out of 5 for mmm lets say 20?

Hopefully I’ll see you there

$20 sounds good, I’ll see you there

if dagger g is who i think he is, dudes straight up best remy in USA. continental or not!! but ill play you for drinks :slight_smile:

i heard you are really sick. never played a remy before…

if i go to evo, i will play you 2/3 for 10.

hes probably one of the best remys Ive ever seen someone please tape the MM’s fo’real.

very solid Remy.


i played you (dagger) enough when i visited there to know not to play you for money! =D

Accepted, see you in vegas.

I got 5 dollars that say you STFU. These are American dollars. Not crazy Hawaiian ones.

I forgot that Hawaiian dollars are different.


ten pineapples 2/3 ^^

plz play remy too.

3/5 for 25 sounds good to me

preferably before the tourney this time…

It’s all about them coconuts son!!! Done


Makoto is gay :frowning:

If I win the Road to Evo tournament next month, then I’ll deffo play you.

First to 3, 20 US dollars?

Oh damn Naz, we have to play!

Definitely man. However I’m pretty sure either Zak or Ryan will win that ticket :sad:

Still, there’s some talks of us 3 squeezing in a trip to EVO in addition to SBO, so lets see…

ps - dagger G your Remy is awesome. Hope we can play soon.

fixed it

This should be a fun match. Hopefully I’ll see you there.