Money Match Me!

yea cali is dead and no one plays marvel. ok. anyone want to play me for money? only $50-$500. I’ll play on console, or arcade. ft10 or whatever. I’m just bored. nothing ego based because I suck now and have for quite some time now. but Im serious so let me know =]

when and where?

I’ll money match in Guilty Gear :[

at family? or van nuys? or burbank? anytime.

u live near ffa??

somewhat near. Im in Burbank which is 20 mins away. are you asking because you want to do this? if so, I will mirror match whatever team you use.

yo soo you prolly dont member me at all, but im the white kid you smoked cigarettes in the hall at evo2k7 with. we were bullshitting just kickinit and what not, but yea man just saw your post ill consider playin you. im a little short on feds at the moment so ill get back to you in about a month or so. it has to be on console cuz i hate arcade shit. also it will only be for like 50 bucks or so no beef just for fun. you dig…?

hey just wondering can we sidebet?i’d like to see the real illan play u…cuz i’ll bet on him.

I like Soo for 20 if they play

I’ll play you Soo best of 7. You can put 5 bucks on the line, I’ll put up a copy of KillerKai’s World’s Greatest Marvel Color Mix (With your personal color requests you asked for last time) =)

I’ll run a few session with you Soo whenever I’m in SO CAL =]


haha ive heard that line before

stop trying to hustle soo :wgrin:

why mirror match ? u trying to say that im gonna lose or something? :lol: and yea im down for this match? ft wat, for how much?

thats not what I said. thats what YOU said. ft10 for however much you want thats $50 or more.

make that money!

make that free money illan_3rd.hey soo why don’t u play that dumbass dp since that nigga is money hungry all the time???i’m sure people would like to see that…i’ll be down to put money on dp is it ever happens…peace

so you don’t like DP…but you’ll put money on him vs soo?

sooo you from burbank? do you ever hit up that arcade at the burbank mall? i forgot wut its called

^^^ it’s called all amusement, and yeah, soo goes there sometimes

don’t wanna take this thread away from soo, but i’ll money match any msp’ers, soo already beat me 10-0 for $100, easy money for you.