Money Match the Japanese at EVO (feat. Bas, Nuki, Tokido & Kindevu)

Ever wanted to play the champs? Time to sacrifice one of those casuals tv, let the beasts on and form a line.

Bas’ suggested minimum rates for CvS2 (pretty sure they are flexible)

vs his A-groove team : $5
vs his N-groove team : $10

Kindevu, Tokido & Nuki:
also seem to be interested in MM for 3S and maybe CvS2, im pretty sure they wont mind playing anybody. If people are interested post some feedback, name your price, ask questions. Good luck everybody!

What about SNK Money Matches? Tell Kindevu I’ll MM his KGO in KOFXI…

I want bas and kindevu 2/3 10 dollars set it up nes.

record this shit

Ask Bas if he’ll play xmen

If I were actually going to EVO this year, I would have challenged Tokido to ST. Because he sucks, and we keep letting him win.

they just want your money.

set it up nes

2/3 5 bucks each

cvs2: bas, kindevu
3s: nuki, tokido

Can do, but its up to you guys too. Don’t just stand around like dopes watching. Bas speaks english for anybody that doesn’t know. Tokido knows some english too. :tup:

Ten against Kindevu in 3S.

Didnt you play him last year (non MM)? im sure the MM can happen. Are you recording?

Sage: Have you confirmed them as the only players coming?

BTW your avatar kind of reminds me of those “$5 Footlong” ads by Subway.

Why do console warriors continue to talk smack?

Any of these cats happen to be arcana 2 specialists on the low?

Those are only the players I know are surely going, more Japanese players are likely to go too but i don’t know who or how they would feel about MM.

About the subway ads, i have never seen them.

I think many of the best players are at their worst now, i could be wrong tho. The last 2 years have been pretty close but I don’t think EVO will make an official 5on5.

Laugh wants Korea vs the world! :wink:

I really doubt it , but if I found out ill let you know. Maybe Arturo knows better?

Who would be on team usa though vs jpn?

Imo US 5 should be Choi/Ricky/Justin/Buktooth/Combofiend…Steve H/Gene are really good to but I dunno if they will do better vs the japs than those 5 I listed in cvs2.

This team would most likely do best and shouldn’t be questioned.

could you figure out if nuki and tokido will do Super T money Matches?

damn i just think i got a boner