Money Match Threads

Stop making them, Evo does not have a license for gambling, and it is prohibited by our event rules.


Emperor has spoken.


Why won’t you let us have pretty things =[

hummm why no avatar Wiz

anyways, oh well, looks like more money for the black jack table…

So then how did all those big money matches that were played on the big screens go down? Sanford vs Duc? I know it was partially Evo run, but still. I’m not exactly up to my shoulders in Evo knowledge so be gentle.

I wanna see chunk vs Sanford for best that never won evo

They were technically 2 player tournaments, or casual matches, at least so far as Evo is concerned.

So big matches are gonna play for honor now!

With the current economy, might as well play for food stamps instead :rofl:

No need to worry

Most of my money will be spent on important things like Booze and poker :lol:

I think we all know as evo becomes more mainstream things like this will happen. :smiley: I have no doubt MM’s will continue. And I pray they do. My last msg got deleted. Hope this one doesn’t :]/

I can see what your are saying being the case, but people also need to respect the wishes of the promoters. If you’re going to have a money match, set it up before you head in there hype it up as something else and keep your mouth shut about the money. The last thing I want is for security to be roaming the floor and think the $5 I’m lending someone is a payoff to a MoneyMatch. The game is all that matters and if there’s money involved that should be a silent bonus.

Welcome to Las Vegas
Be sure to visit our many attractions such as David Copperfield, Tom Jones and Cher!
Gambling is strictly prohibited in Vegas!

Never change Evo.

There is a difference gambling in hotel casinos and then an event where vegas isn’t gaining profit off us gambling in the ballroom. Plus lots of underage attend evo

In other words they will happen its just something that can’t be publicized/associated with the EVO tournament itself?

Are you seriously asking on a thread about not gambling at EVO, a thread started by MrWizard himself on the official EVO board, whether EVO will turn a blind eye towards unauthorized gambling?

So no more 1,000+ dollar money matches? This doesn’t even make sense to me yet. I thought that’s what Evo was about. :lol:

anyone here know the first rule of fight club?

just stop makin the damned threads. smarten up.

^ i agreed (the remainder of this message was purged in accordance with rule 1 of EVO)