Money Matches / Casuals @ EVO

Seems like I’ll be attending EVO with a few friends, I don’t play any other game so if anybody wants to get in contact with me and setup a room for some third casuals or money matches, I’m down.

If anybody wants to MM, (no character switching)

FT-2 - 5$
FT-5 - 10$
FT-10 - 15$

Should be fun and it would def help my nerves.

metric, I’ll see how good my game is at that time. Don’t know how up to snuff I am with money matches, but definitely down for a 3S room come EVO.

i’m down for the first to ten.

i dont know who will have a 3s setup though. guess i could bring my laptop

High rollers.

I think there will be some 3soe setups at EVO.

I thought about going higher like 50-100, but that would discourage allot of people from playing, plus lower prices = more money matches.

What’s up Matt? this is Nate(pad yun) from NY. Anyway to anyone down for 3s I live right across the street from where Evo is, I have a ps2 w 3s, and a ps3 for if oe is released by that time. So yes, we can do 3s mm’s, casuals, tourneys, whatever at my place.

I’m down to play 3s at EVO in any form! Just make it clear where you guys are at.

If I go, I’m down for some of the smaller money matches. I want to spend most of my evo money on booze and buffets.

Wynn Buffet FTW?

Whats good Nate…its been too long homie!!! Check your inbox for my number. i touch down in Vegas on the the 28th. I’ll pm you my number too Cheech.

hopefully we’ll all get to go in on some 3s.

Ill be bringing a PS2 with Anniversary. Someone needs to bring a tv though :frowning: