Money Matches - Team Sp00ky (SPOILERS)


East Coast Throwdown: Road to Evo 2012

Unknown vs. OMG Itz Andre was fantastic in this under card first to 10 match. Andre popped off around game 4 after going up 3-1 screaming at the crowd, “YOU BET ON THIS GUY?”. Then both players proceeded to take rounds off each other (and dropped combos) and it went up and down with Unknown coming out on top after getting two perfects in the final three games to win 10-9 and proceeded to get in Andre’s face. Staff members actually had to get involved and the crowd screaming. It was the definition of FGC Hype.

Then Fanatiq “PLEASE GIVE ME DONATIONS SO I CAN BUY A CHEESEBURGER” vs. RayRay was such a disappointment due to the one sided nature of the match despite there being quite a few games in the FT15. RayRay started out up 2-0 and it was looking like Fanatiq didn’t even want to try to go in. Then RayRay started throwing away game after game to Fanatiq’s BEYONZO. Fanatiq then picked up 8 or 9 games in a row before Rayray picked up another and not even the mouth on the mic Yipes could say anything. He was constantly being tormented by a patronizing Mike Ross and simply couldn’t say a thing. Fanatiq finally put RayRay out of his misery15-4 or 15-5 and he did not pop off. The crowd was mostly quiet and then the post game interview by Mike Ross with Fanatiq was also pretty somber. The whole thing was anti-hype.

So yeah, if anybody was wanting to know what happened with the money match, there it is.


I think that if RayRay didn’t choke as hard or make as bad of decisions that he did, it would have ended up with RayRay 10 Fanatiq 15.


Andre actually won that set 10-8. The score got messed up somewhere along the line, and both players have watched the archive of the stream, and it’s all sorted out now.


I don’t understand why people say shit like this. Mental strength plays a huge role in fighting games, it’s just as important as knowing your combos, the fact that he “choked”; means he wasn’t prepared for this match. Oh, and bad decisions is a nice way of putting outplayed. Don’t try and downplay that beatdown with what if’s, it was an experience for Ray though, and I’m sure he’ll be better next time.


I’m just saying that rayray made a lot of mistakes. Correcting those mistakes would have equaled more wins. Calm the fuck down.


i don’t exactly know what this thread is about, but it seems like it has to do with money matches. Fchamp vs Marlinpie MM anyone?


Happening at Evo.


I hope so. A high stakes money match would be so epic…


I love how there are people making excuses for rayray saying that he lost cause Storm > Ryu.


They are? I thought everyone’s saying he lost because of the nerves or he choked, etc. Which is true…


It really doesn’t matter why he lost… Rayray is still a super sick player and if losing to someone of Fanatiq’s skill level makes you think otherwise idk what to tell you…

Personally I LOVED the mm aspect of ect4. I hope more will follow suit! :slight_smile:


Link to Unknown vs Andre? I caught the Rayray vs Fanatiq mm and wasn’t too impressed.


Fchamp and Unknown almost got into a fight today at CEO after a match where Fchamp was literally doing combos with 1hand and made Unknown look super free after he switched to Dorm/Doom/Mag (he didn’t seem to have much confidence in Pheonix). So maybe a money match for them in the future? Of course Unknown isn’t anywhere near Fchamp’s league though.

I really like the Money Match hype and the first to 10 or first to 15 format is incredibly good for Marvel. I have no clue if CEO is supposed to have any featured matches that will be streamed so if anybody has an idea reply to this.


some say he choked and/or couldn’t handle the pressure others say he lost cause Fanatiq’s team is of higher tier. which means ryu and storm.

I dont think its nerves but he just choked. cause he did start the game winning, and it was a convincing win, not barely scraping by. Then after loosing a few games he just choked and lost it.