Money Matches vrs Chaotic Blue

Money Matches vrs Chaotic Blue in #reload

I’ve never even done a money match… Well only once and I lost. ugh But I think I’ll try this out just once. I’ll play people for money matches. no limit.

Chaotic Blue

… well, post.

What games do you play?


I’m down. 3/5, $10?

2/3 for $5 in MBR?



3/5 for 20z.

3/5 20 bucks

AKA : Your On!
Elvenshadow: It’d be a pleasure!
Kinglowtier: Ok, lets do it!
Master Chibi: OG Melty Blood? Ok, but if you beat me you HAVE to play combofiend for a double or nothing.

Chaotic Blue

Money match in MBR plz

$1 because im poor. 3/5

Combofiend already asked me for a few rounds at ECC, but I’m up for anything.


zOMG rplayz plz! Good luck to MChibi.

Well I don’t play for money fool, you know that…

However, I challenge you to a dinner match. Loser buys victor dinner. I don’t think it’ll cost that much anyhow, since Danny L is gonna be taking us to all the discount places (anyone remember $2 steak sandwiches?)

Done deal.


CB 3/5 10 bucks, i need another shot at yur jam after i choked out in prelims last year.

Same here 3/5 for 10 bucks. I suck but want to play against the best. I wanted to play combo fiend too but I see he don’t take money matches

Hi Chaotic Blue! I would <3 to play you at EVO! If I do indeed go, 2/3 $1? Just a friendly match… I don’t like money matches myself so… yea ^_^! Acccept or I’ll call you a scrub forever :(. Til then, have a nice day =]

ill play you for a bottle of crown and all expenses paid at crazy horse…

pretty sure i might go…

chao blue…if me and you do show up

10$ money match…best 3/5

not old enough to gamble over there so ill haveta make money this way…

post back…

oh btw…are you any good…not very familiar AT ALL with the GG community…cen cal scene for GG is lame…im probably the only one!!! lol

Hmm I’ll use this as an excuse to play you. 2/3 for $5.