Money matches Vs ruin take duece <3 @evo

Alright guys same thing as last year who wants to play for money this year at evo? Games I’m accepting money matches in are.

Marvel Vs capcom 2
Guitly gear XX #Reload

So let’s go :]

$10 #R, eddie vs. slayer muthafux

werd :]

let me donate ala same shit as ts5…werd?

Never got to play you at Evo, Ruin. 1 peso money match for #R. Bring it. :smiley:

The usual 3/5 for 20z in #R sound good?

Indeed it does my friend <3 :] like the new av

3/5 for $20 for Mvc2, lol. :karate:


Ill take your money in marvel at evo ok? just don hurt me :-[

Yup lets go ;]

I want to play you. I suck but I’ll try:xeye:, 3 out of 5 for $10

hums Terminator theme

That’s right…I’m back!

Ruin! Prepare yourself for the fight of your life! I will also bring my Knife Monkey. When the red dawn comes, we will battle!

Say like last time? 3/5 $10 for #R of course?

Girl scouts. Nanaca…crash!

I’ll take the ussual deal Ruin

ill take a 20$ 3/5

k so far

kugz 3/5 $10 #R
Shadowcharlie 3/5 $10 #R
King LowTier 3/5 $20 #R
AKA 3/5 $10 #R
Elvenshadow 3/5 $10 #R ( Or is it 20? o_O)
FlashMetroid 3/5 #20 #R

Chunksta 3/5 $20 MvC2

Keep em coming.

awwwwww no 3s matches?

Me vs ruin and Or Duece, 10 $, 3/5

10 is fine ruin, ill also play deuce for 10

$10 2/3 Marvel and GG#R

-Alex G.

yo add a 10$ marvel on for me 2 homie =)