Money matches Vs ruin take duece <3 @evo

Dope <3 keep em coming ;D

sup nig.

1 game $100 sounds fun.

Hahahh man you trippin :]You’re too good =(! how about you and reset vs me and wong 100? ^_^!

damn a Wong,I want you!

I was just playin about the one game $100. dunno if I can make it this year. if I get lucky from work and get to go Imma be slim on funds anyway.

gay=\ how YOU not gona go =(! it’s not the same mang ;\

if I can get 3 days off work and gather some decent people to go wit Im down. just dunno if these things can fall into place and the clocks tickin.

isnt the SA/ ffa crew going?

Hmmm i might do 3s i just wont play big names ;D! And deuce isnt part of this thread i had part duece meaning 2 :]

Yo Ruin!!

5 2/3 At Mvc2! My BH Was Rusty Last Time =p

Ruin i’ll play u 3/5 for 10 in marvel =]

2/3 5 = 3s i’ll play for a buck in marvel 1 game cause i just started learning :tup:

2/3 10$ mvc2

I will take every single one of your dollars in Tekken Five.

-To the moon!

P.S. By ‘every single one’ I mean five.

I quit t5 that games hot rice crispys ass

tekken 5 bryan vs whoever you guys use

$5 a round

Fine. Five for 3S

wtf just play steve. game is dopez.

#R - 2/3 for $10 if you’re still accepting. :bgrin:

Sure am hit me up at evo :] not sure who you are aight? :slight_smile:

ruin is a fucking cheater and a lover. johnny cupcakez