Money Matches vs. UCR_Jesse and Pigadoken

post your cvs2 money matches.

usually 2/3 for 5 bucks or 3/5 for 10 bucks against either of us or as a 2 vs. 2 team battle… if you have 3 people then we’ll make it a 3vs.3

ANYWAYS, all confirmed money matches will be posted in my signature, happy bidding.

i’ll do 2/3 for $5 against both of you individually.

then i’ll see who wants to team up w/ me and we’ll do 2v2 against you guys for either $5 or $10. it could be anybody, maybe the daigo killer R1Beatdown, doc b, ricky, biggzy, etc. i’ll figure it out.

and by saying it’s 2v2, do you mean that it’s single match or still 2/3 amongst the 4 of us? for example, me and R1Beatdown vs you two. am i eliminated after i lose one game against pigadoken or is it still a 2/3 set against him?

money matches are fun!


play me 2/3 for $5… but we BOTH have to anchor R2 Eagle. =)

deal, only because eagle is THAT dope:karate:


bOTH OF YOU 2/3 10bucks.

I accept…3 way team battle if R1 and PopoBlo want to team up…I still have quite a few money matches of my own coming up.


haha, dope aight so it’s…
ucrjesse/laugh/pigadoken vs. r1beatdown/popoblo/doc bizzle 10 bucks a head i guess. We’ll just do this shit pokemon style 1 game and you’re out.

sck- confirmed… and who the hell are you by the way?

popoblo- confirmed

Hey, do you play at the UCR arcade? I fucking suck at CvS2 and was hoping someone could show me the ropes. I play 3S in the arcade every once in a while.

DOPE. i’m looking forward to this shit. roger should be down for it.

A or N, A or N, that’s the question now…

yeah i play there pretty regularly, i’m uh… the tall guy. I’m usually beating people in 3s with chun/ken/q or cvs2 with a shitload of teams. Ask for jesse next time you’re around

popoblo, it doesn’t matter cause your money is already ours, puahahahaha, we gots beef now! :karate:

all talk, our team is unbeatable. the daigo killer is too good, lol.

That’s Daigo Killer’s…I cracked his spirit in 2003…R1 killed his mind…Eddie lee the body…

R1/The Dizocta/PopoBlizo it’s a wrap!!!


your jedi mind tricks are no good here

your money will go to a good cause

haha immense psychological damage, then Eddie performed the cremation :badboy:

Im down with this money match for sure, juss gotta hustle and get a ticket to reach down there.

I’m a player of from El Paso TExas, i’ll get some extra practice cause you guys sound pretty badass.

ill play nam and jesse for 5 bucks each and both of you must be sober.

oh and i got 10 dollars on the UCROLLER/laugh/pig team anyone wanna bet against me?

yay, that’ll pay for lunch AND dinner. i’ll take that bet. we should put this shit on the big screen.

popo… i got ten on that too…

i like them over your team… $10 bet it. =)

done and done…

sickness, yall are gonna cover all my regisration fees!!