Money Matches with Marneto

game is #reload.
limit is $10, lowest is $5
kk, post up :[

TIER WHORE <3 marn


2/3 $10.

No picking Millia, fucker. You should remember why.

10 bucks marn, no excuses this time ok?

maybe i just don’t play you because i don’t like you ;/. but whateveeeer. $10 np. and afterwards don’t show your face infront of me again please thx <3
oh and why?
because you taped the singles/team on the same fucking tape and you apparently lost my matches but not of you ocv’ing team texas? good job. you’re hella impressive, wanting to let your ego go up that much.

yo kenmasters, i wanna play you for loot…you down???

marn…you suck

If it’s #Reload, sure. How much for how many matches?

Also, have you played me before? Or are just up for challenging me?

actually I never taped the finals because clayton didnt want his matches online, plus reno rob and KLT were both taping it, so why dont you ask them for it. I do have more team tournament stuff, I just never got around to making it yet, ill do it eventually, but right now im in arizona on a family vacation and i dont even have the stuff with me anyway. Dont worry Marn I still love you ::hug:: :wink:

idk…5. 0r 10…not a big deal to me…2/3

10 bucks. howvever many u want.


yo cb…i wanna play you for 5. bet???