money matches?


Where are the money matches happening? I’m new to the tournament scene but would love to get some money matches in. (gotta earn some cash if i’m going to stay here in Vegas for Evo). I’m staying at the circus circus hotel, anyone interested?




I didn’t understand that
message… :confused:


Is anyone interested in having a money match UMVC3 station set up for the last day of EVO? I would except i have no monitor but do have a ps3 system.


He’s calling you a 12er, someone that joined the fighting game community in 2012. It’s a joke about 09ers, people who joined the FGC after SF4 hit consoles.

It’s an insult because you came in here with no avatar/post history and asked for a money match in marvel - sounds like you’re here just for the duckets. Ignoring them is the only way to survive. (Also he has a Kappa avatar so I don’t think you’ll be missing much by not talking to him.)


yet another 12er:shake:

you are not even a real person. you are like paper mario.


Ooh i see thank you. I guess i should update my profile or whatever, i really didn’t think it mattered.