Money matches


Were there any juicy money matches at Evo?!!

And didn’t Justin Wong have a money match with Valle?


Ryan Hart beat Daigo 3-2 ($20), Pic:

Arturo beat Daigo 5-4, Comment: “Omfg…daigo money matched me and I beat him 5 to 4 in sf4 and its recorded!!!”

Daigo beat Floe 3-0, beat Floe again 5-0 in runback

Daigo beat Combofiend 5-3

Daigo beat Dr. Chaos 3-0

Daigo beat Joe 5-0

Daigo beat Gootecks 3-0, Comment: “On the bright side I just got to play daigo for the first time ever! lost 3-0 :(. Tried to run out the clock and then choked”

Daigo beat Philly one 3-0

Daigo beat Sin 3-2, Pic:

Daigo beat Marn 5-4 ($100), beat Marn again 5-0 in runback, Pic:

MMs were anywhere from $20-100, Daigo was up $600 at one point

Some of Daigo’s winnings:

Justin sleeping in background as Daigo MMs:


That’s interesting, when was this?


They took place prior to the BlazBlue Exhibition/SF4 Finals.


nice pj pants from marn


lol ya pjs and pillow


So Daigo left EVO with close to (if not, more) than $8k? Not bad.


Something like that…maybe more! i guess valle and wong didnt have a money match.


8K…you mean $800 right, not 8,000?


Um, no.


8k. He won atleast 5 or 6 k for winning first plus pot. And not sure how much he won from money macthes. So I agreed that 8 k sounds right.


Nope, $8,000 as in $7,000 - $7500 for winning SF4 plus what he made in Money matches.


Thats tight! I wanna play against daigo just to say that i played against the best in the world!
Nice pics btw.
Justin sleeping while Daigo making money in the same room = Priceless! hahah!


As much money as Capcom and Co have made off him, the 7500 dollar pot is chump change.


The money matches after the tournament was even better. Mr. Wizard even got in on the action. Couldn’t stop laughing.


So how about details?




Shadyk vs LI joe 5-4
Shadyk vs Chris hu 3-0
Shadyk vs ryan heart 5-0 then run back ryan wins 3-5


“2 Man exhibition tournaments”. they weren’t money matches. money matches are illegal. we stay legal around SRK and EVO.


Soo vs Smooth pt3???