Monitor Decision: VH236H vs VS239H

So, I’ve been looking into getting an ASUS. The obvious first choice would be the EVO monitor (VH236H), but Amazon recommended a newer model: the VS239H. I’m looking into getting a LOT of training done to go to quite a few tournaments in the near future. I assume most will be running with the VH236H, but if I were to buy the VS239H would I notice any lag? From what I’ve read it’s 3ms off. Is that a combo-dropping amount? The only reason I’m even considering the newer model is the price point. And if the lag isn’t noticeable then I don’t see any reason not to snag this new LED instead of the older LCD.

[The New HDTV Lag FAQ](The New Definitive HDTV Lag FAQ

If New Egg is out check Amazon

Well, after reading that I picked up the VS239H. Seems like 5ms is under 1 frame and just 3ms below the EVO monitor. Thanks for the link!

i have both monitors, they share the same panel and have identical latency.

I have an LED monitor… Definitely the best type of monitor I’ve seen.

Technically it’s cousin technology to LCD but honestly I’ve never colors come out quite as nice on older-style flatscreen as I have on LED. IF you see an LED model from a recommended brand, I’d say go for it.
There really shouldn’t be a huge difference between this year’s models and last year’s.
The computer market does a better job with the latency issue. With all the people doing artwork, video editing, and other graphic-intensive work, they know it’s an important technical detail to take into account.

So wrong man. Have you read ANY articles AT ALL about input lag??? Refresh rate (response time) is NOT input lag.
The VS239 has latency of 16.5 ms which is quite bad for a monitor.

(prad is the best! source for input lag data for monitors, best measuring technique, there isnt anything more accurate out there).

Hence why I had included a link in my other post.