(Monitor input delay inquiry) Samsung LS24C350HL vs. LS24B350HL vs. LT24C350AR?


OK so prior to this I looked up stuff on displaylag.com and only saw the model “S24B350HL” on their database. The S24C350HL is apparently a newer model, but I’m not sure if it keeps the same input delay from its predecessor. I have a way to easily buy the S24C model at a good price right now, but not the S24B model.

Then here at the same thing I’m using to buy monitors, there’s this other model “T24C350AR”. It looks incredibly similar to the S24C350HL, just with more enhanced features. Of course more pricey because of that. However, I’m not sure if this model has good lag at all.

As I’m very unsure of what I’m looking at here, I want to hear input from people with experience with these things in terms of using them for the purpose of heavy-reflex games.

Thanks so much!