Monitor Speakers


Anyone know a good set of speakers that can plug into a headphone outlet? I got a gaming monitor recently to plug my 360 into but the thing has no sound, but fortunately it does have an earphone style audio out port. At the moment I just have my ear buds plugged into it but they don’t reach me and I just have them laying next to the monitor with the volume cranked all the way up. Suffice to say such a ghetto setup is giving crap sound and I’m looking for something a bit better to use though I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff.


When in doubt on computer parts, check Tom’s hardware or search at newegg in your price range, then look at reviews.


You can always try Hardforum. There’s a large section there on Computer Audio stuff.


I’ve had these for a while now on my gaming PC. Love them:

But, having no idea of your budget, it’s hard to narrow in on what you’re looking for.


I would like to keep it under $100 if possible as I just payed $250 for the monitor and I am planning on moving soon so I don’t wanna blow all of my extra cash at once.


may sound odd, but check pawn shops or music shops for monitors "as in sound monitors. The are usually small but with an incredible output. Also they often have multiple inputs including the fiber optic digital inputs that the Xbox360 and PS3 both support. My speakers currently have both a computer and what ever system I’m allowed to have at the time (I usually have my ps3 except when a new Bluray gets delivered then the kids make me use the xbox360)