Monitor Tech

So I bought 3 cabs today… … And the naomi cab has burn in, and the vf3 cab doesnt seem to work. Anyone have good resources so that I can get them fixed, or completely swapped.

to the best of my knowledge, monitor burn in can’t be fixed. Find anyone with electrical experience to fix the VF monitor, preferrably someone who works in an arcade. If you’re lucky, it’ll be an easy fix. DO NOT try and fix it yourself less you want to kill yourself.

Yeah, I really dont want to mess with what I dont understand. After doing some research, all i can tell is that it is a 50" Sega Megalo Cabinet. I wonder if anyone has more info on these Megalo monitors?

The 50" Megalo is a rear projection unit. These are notorious for burn-in, and sadly there’s nothing you can do to fix it, I’m sorry.

There’s plenty of guys in the BYOAC forums who are arcade and monitor techs. See if you get a bite over there to help fix the other issues:

So I spent some time today looking at the monitor and vf3 board… The monitor psu also powers the board. I know the board works, as I was able to connect everything, and press start and make inputs…I could hear the game and the fighting sounds, but because the monitor did not turn on, I was fighting blind.

There is a Main power button and a separate power button. When the Main power button is pressed, the light turns green, and I can hear the monitor try to turn on, but nothing. The light quickly turns to red, and when I press any other buttons on the monitor panel nothing happens. Does anyone know if there are any common fuses that go out on these…or do the actual bulbs need replacing? I check everything in the monitor, nothing is cracked or broken. The bulbs do look dark, and there is this grey silicon kind of oozing out onto the bulbs but they are dried.

Does the Sega Naomi monitor work? I use to have that exact same cab. What about the Dynamo pedestal? Is it the complete cab or just that part. You got some serious work on your hands.

I havent really gotten to them all yet but…

–Naomi cab monitor has burn in, and does not seem to work. Though, all I did was plug it in and heard the fans spinning, but nothing on the monitor. I also did not try to verify everything was connected yet.

–The showcase cab is complete but gutted with no monitor. Right now I only have the pedastal because there was not enough room in the truck for the monitor stand part of it.

–VF3 cab monitor does not seem to work, but again, I am not sure. THe VF3 board does work though. I am going to use the vf3 cab for console stuff… the other 2 will be for naomi. I am also trying to find 2 candys for a h2h setup.

Paid $300 delivered for everything.

Good luck with your projects. Sounds like a good deal, hopefully you can get some of that stuff to work.

I’ll take 'em. :slight_smile:

Actually, monitor burn can be fixed…but it isn’t simple. Basically you have to replace to tube, which requires discharging the tube and separating it from the chasis. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d think rear-projection units could be fixed by replacing the burned-in glass/plexi.

Ok, so I replaced all 4 fuses… The 3 on the board, and the one near the power cord. I also found that the yellow wire connecting all the fans had a short in it. So I resoldered that, and switched the fuses. THE BEAST IS WORKING FINE!!! Thanks for all the help.

Good job man!!

Mid taking a picture of the working beast, it must be a sight to behold ;).

Finally got around to getting some pics.

Here’s a direct to my photo folder, pics added there.

I also uploaded a video showing the cabinet working on youtube…

Looks good, I would work on the wiring but obviously its a work in progress, but again very kewl!