Monitor with BNC connection// Can I connect PS3 to it?

So I have a Samsung 950P … It’s a super old monitor and after reading the the Definitive TV Lag thread I am wondering if it is possible to connect my PS3 to the BNC connectors in the back of the monitor using a BNC to RCA connector.

Reason I’m asking is because if I can go this route. It’ll save me money from having to buy the VGA cables which is like 40 bucks for the Mayflash.

So if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I had that monitor, it was a great monitor. If your using RCA to output from the PS3 then you’ll be sending out plain old composite at a resolution which I don’t think the 950P supported in to it’s BNC input. I could be wrong though. Even if it did work it would look ugly though.

Well actually I have the composite cables for the PS3 (RGB) and the BNC connectors also has RGB and I looked at the monitor manual and it supports 750p which would be wayy better then my sdtv. So do you think this is possible ?

i tried it with my ps2, didnt want to work D:

maybe it’ll work with the ps3 though, who knows

maybe mines broke on the BNC side D:

Do you mean component? Composite is RCA with yellow/red/white

Yeah I’m messing with it right now. I have all the RGB connected to the BNC in its appropriate slot. But there is 2 more BNC slots that I’m not using it’s the H/V And V which I dont know it is lol. I’m sure there’s gotta be someone that’s knowledgeably in this situation.

PS> Yes I mean component … sorry.

thats like for horizontal and vertical refresh, something like that

anyways, is it working?

Oh I get you now, the plain answer is no. The PS3 outputs YPbPr over it’s component out and the samsung only supported RGB component over it’s BNC. Those extra connectors are specific to RGB component horizontal and vertical syncing.

Okay I get it now =(

Guess I gotta out and buy the PS3 to VGA cable from Mayflash =P