Monitors: Question on what to suggest to new players

I am putting together a Primer and one of the sections is “Buying - Games & Controllers & Accessories: Monitors”.

Based on the data from the first link (and knowledge of you guys) and I suggesting the wrong monitor?! :confused:

If I am, can someone ID the best and best priced monitors that a player should consider buying? Thanks!


General Info                
    * Sub 1 frame HDTV/Monitor Input Lag Database            
Suggested Monitor                
    * ASUS VH236H 23 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor            

The ASUS VH 236H a.k.a. the Evo Monitor for it’s heavy use at Evo is the monitor of choice here at SRK .
Prized for its Price to performance ratio, as there very few others that come close in quality and price.

Don’t bother with Amazon, Newegg as usally better pricing for Monitors (New)

ASUS VH 236H @ Newegg
The $20 rebate is still there plus they are adding 1 yr extended warranty w/ purchase, ends 12/31

Awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you VERY much Darksakul!!

Glad to help