Monkey Kung-Fu + Teenage Girls = Eileen thread


I switched to Eileen in VF5 and have never looked back, (although Taka looks pretty sick in VF:FS). Shes got deceptive range, good speed and some interesting movement tricks to keep people guessing.

I’ll be updating this topic with Eileen info, bnb’s, etc.

INFO(credit VFDC wiki):

After losing both her parents at a young age, Eileen was raised by her grandfather, a martial arts master. In addition to her grandfather’s training, she also spent much time studying with a Beijing opera troupe. One day, she happened to see a martial arts demonstration by Pai Chan, and was amazed by the beauty of her movements. Since then, Eileen thinks of little else besides finding some way to approach Pai.


[]Kya, kya, kya! Kakattekoi! (Hahaha! Come at me!)
]Wakaikaratte, namenaidene! (Since I’m young, don’t underestimate me!)
[*]Ikkuwayo! Honkide kakattekitene! (Here we go! Take on me with all you’ve got!)

[]Wa~i, wa~i. Katchyatta. (Wai~, Wai~. I won.)
]Watashinimo kungfu, arunoyo! (Even I know Kung Fu!)
[]Kiniaumadeni, mottotsuyokunattene! (Until we meet next time, get better ok!)
]Kyahahaha, Juunenhayakattawane. Na~nchiyatte. (You’re 10 years too early. Just kidding.)
Video Movelist(credit for this video goes to Bloodburger):

9K, P, P, 236P+K xx K (restands), 66K, 4P+K xx 214K+G – for high 70’s to low 80’s (rabbit360)

(credit to Hatake Osawa)

  1. Down + P+K+G --> P(creates a stun) --> (Tanhikyaku) --> P, P, P, B = 6 hit 76 Dmg
  2. Down + P+K+G --> P(creates a stun) --> NJ+B (Tanhikyaku) --> P, P, (Koushi Kouzan) = 6 hit 82 Dmg

also check out post #21 below for Whatisalee’s excellent transcription of a Eileen combo vid from VFDC!

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This thread’s name should be Come on Eileen.

And I appreciate that you’ll be putting up bnbs and all that good stuff.

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actually that was my first choice for a title, but I thought the young kids wouldn’t get the reference heh.


Need bnbs desperately. Appreciate the topic.


The young kids should learn their history.


hand over those bnb’s, please.


Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m gonna be presenting you some BnB combos for Eileen that “does not” have any negative advantages, or openings during her combo strings. I’ll keep updating this post with more combos for her that work in this version. Stay tuned!

  1. Down + P+K+G --> P(creates a stun) --> (Tanhikyaku) --> P, P, P, B = 6 hit 76 Dmg

  2. Down + P+K+G --> P(creates a stun) --> NJ+B (Tanhikyaku) --> P, P, (Koushi Kouzan) = 6 hit 82 Dmg

  3. Left, Right + P+G (Stun Grab), NJ+B (Tanhikyaku), P, P, Forward + P+K x 3 = 7 hit 93 Dmg


Here are some of her other ones


where can we get a list of notation?
i’m coming over from marvel and tekken…

what does B mean and what does nj+b mean?

also, something i’ve been wanting to do is to have a format like:

combo natation

that way beginners, like me, can see the notation and also see what the combo is supposed to look like. it makes things way easier. this game is hard IMO and there’s so much to learn just to hang with other ppl that don’t know what they’re doing, lol.


I’ll definitely try to get some videos up for you guys since my friend/roommate does have an HD Capture Device in the living room. So I’ll probably hop on that in a little bit to show you exactly how to do the strings itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m like that as well to see how people execute a certain string and get an idea afterwards how to perform it.

If you go through some basic training and command training, it’s kinda confusing as first, but for example P= Punch G= Guard, K=Kick etc. I’m just use to putting B on there cause I’m on the 360 and it’s better for me to do that. Plus NJ is for Neutral Jumping. Sp instead of jumping up, it would be like jumping the direction your opponent is and pressing the button as described at the same time to link it. My apologize for not letting you know that. So I’ll go ahead and update that for you guys to make it clearer.


sorry everyone, hopefully later today I can have time to fill this with more info. Thanks Hatake Osawa!


I’m looking for some kind of primer… like Eileen’s top 10 moves and a few go-to strings that are good for interrupt shenannigans and quick punishes.

Also, combos that work on Taka would be cool, need to maximize damage against that guy.


Hatake, if you’re doing videos, please use Come On Eileen and Dumpling Warrior Remix for your bgm.

I’m definitely practicing these combos once I get home from work.

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A good combo i got off VFDC was

9K, P, P, 236P+K xx K (restands), 66K, 4P+K xx 214K+G – for high 70’s to low 80’s. pretty sure these inputs are correct.


This is my first VF game (I’ve played more matches in one night of this than the entire series in my lifetime) and I picked Eileen. She seems like a fun character, hopefully I can learn to make use of all her stuff. Some sort of primer would be good, I’ve been reading some threads over at VFDC but it’s quite a bit to take in.


“Come on Eileen, I swear (what he means), at this moment, you mean everything…!” Sorry, couldn’t resist.


I’m curious about something. I plan on getting the full bundle on psn before the sale is over but I just wanna know if one of Eileen’s custom parts is a staff or golden circlet (ala monkey king). I doubt the cloud is in…but please tell me if it is lol.


Where is a good place to learn the notations? I’ve been heavily wanting to learn more about 3D Fighting Games and their bnbs but I just cannot understand the notations.

Btw thanks for the thread! Been playing Eileen since Vanilla, and decided to stick with her in this version to learn her more deeply.


I’m having a hard time understanding some of these notations in here. I assume “c” is a cancel notation, but what’s with things like D+ 46?


Here is a list of all of the notations. There are quite a few but they are all pretty obvious and extremely easy to understand haha.