Monkey Kung-Fu + Teenage Girls = Eileen thread


I’ve started trying that 9P combo in matches (9P,P,3P,[214PPP or 214PP,214K+G]), it’s much better than my go-to 9P,6P+K,PP.

From your frame list I was surprised that 3PP on block is actually jab punishable (-13); I never actually checked it.

Also, our 2 moves that give advantage on block are:

  • 236P (+3). Cancelling a string into it is the same frames on block.
  • 236P+K~K (+1) Same frames if you cancel into it.
    If you cancel them though, there’s a gap, so it’s probably better to cancel into them on hit.


Unless you’re using a string that combos in VF there is always a gap in what ever you do. You don’t really have the same kind of block strings that you have to wait to end before you can attack like in some 2D games. The frames you get on block doesn’t change based on if you canceled the move or not too. Canceling into those + on block moves is good only when your opponent has clamed up and pretty much stopped pressing buttons, or you know they’re not going to try and Punch you out the air. Both attacks eat low attacks though so they’re great to deal with crouch blockers.


6P+G~6,P+K,P+K,PK – the first P+K seems to miss on some characters.
I’ve had it happen multiple times, and I saw your games against Haunt’s Goh where it missed several times. (He was also raging about mashing lol. Just frame mash yo).

matches @ 8min, 18:14
I thought there was another but couldn’t find it just now.

Also saw 2P+K+G~K, 66(dash), 66K, 3P~214K+G


Well online it’s very easy to drop the combo but I assure you it works every time barring you don’t mess it up. It’s a very strict combo so you really have to be on point. I still drop it from time to time, but that’s more human error on my part than anything else. 3P,214K+G is the safe version if you’re afraid of dropping the combo.

I just checked out the video and LOL I had no idea he was streaming it, but I was kinda hoping he did. It’s funny when he yelled about just pressing buttons, he was getting frame trapped cuz I knew he was going to press button or crouch attack. that 6P+K+G into jumping kicks is a 15 frame move so you can’t block that on reaction you have to know it’s coming.

Btw I have a new blog post on dealing with vane’s 6frame punch ( here: ) and one on what to do at +2 frames (here : ).

Also I got some good footage in with Shidosha a few nights ago if you want to see some eileen vs some solid peeps.


New post on my blog about how to deal with opponents who are crouch guarding.


Ok, so I really don’t understand Eileen’s 46K+G. It seems to start really slow, but it’s a combo starter. Can I use it as a meaty on wakeups (I’ve been trying to do this online, but I keep getting blown up by wakeup kicks).
Also Eileen seems to be incredibly free to 2P…or am I just free to 2P.
And freaking Brad man.

Edit: After reading vipers blog, I’ll start using the 6P mixups to deal with all the 2P.


Just added a 3rd BnB combo for her. Check out the first page where I’ve made my post to keep an eye out for updates.


Wow, just saw Tricky playing at TSB, that was fun to watch.


Got a bunch of eileen matches in here on the archive from Next Level Arcade last night. BTW I won that tournament, eileen’s low tier noise is just that noise. She’s a powerhouse when played right. She just requires a lot of Yomi and matchup knowledge.

starts at 4:24:00 mark

Top 8 Start here

Winners Finals: ShinobiFist vs Tricky 6:22
Losers Finals: ShinobiFist vs Assassin 35:25
Grand Finals: Tricky vs Assassin 43:30


Whew thank god…

I play Wolf and so many Eileen’s hit buttons for the sake of hitting buttons, and since Wolf has no normals that are fast as Eileens, I get to mashing crouching jab and kick…

I’ve had Eileen’s that avoided playing me because of cr. jab…

I think every character in the game has at least one move specifically designed for beating crouching jab…

Jabs are the fastest move in the game so even though they seem scrubby, they are good…


46K+G isn’t really all that slow for a launcher, especially a safe one. I don’t remember off hand if it does enough damage to beat wakeup attacks on clash, but it’s EX high so it’s fairly well suited to whiff punishment.

Eileen has 9P, which easily blows up 2P at typical advantage or disadvantages. Even so it’s important to use 6P at +2 or higher as a fundamental “check” against opponents.


46K+G is good when you think a low attack is coming and you have like +7 frames since it’s a 19 frame move. I mainly use it in wall combos right after the wall stagger.


It’s funny you say this, because I didn’t even notice the problem until I played a Jeffrey who did this to me all the time.

Anyways, I think Eileen is garbage. I like her, but she doesn’t seem to have what it takes. I might sub Goh for when I get irritated.

Well garbage may not be the right thing. I just think Goh has better defensive options, and a better throw mixup game, without being big and ugly.


It’s been a little while since my last post but here I updated my blog with what you can do at +3 frames.


Just wanted to update folks on the blog status. I’ve listed out all of eileen’s offensive options for all the different positive frame situations she can find herself in (outside of when opponent is side turned). Guaranteed punish and all that good stuff is all listed out for you guys to read up on. I’ll be going into the far more complicated defensive tech soon.


Sad to see how slow this thread is moving :(. Well a new post on my blog about how to deal with some of Jacky’s most annoying mixups.


Recent MM with eileen vs brad. My eileen dug deep. I won’t ruin the ending for you but get some poporn you’re in for a long set.


chibiaya version


Flash/Shang/Denkai commentary version



I also pettition that we change the thread name from teenage kung fu to “Claws to your face–Eileen Monkey Style”


I noticed last night that Geryon86 (who usually plays a completely different character), wheeled out a very nice Eileen, which was probably the most ‘monkeyish’ I’ve ever seen, utilising all the little hops, staggers and rolls to full effect :pleased:


any good match vids?