~~~~monkeys av request thread~~~~


monkey & alee’s request thread

yo so im goina do some request so if ya want one dont be afraid to ask only rules are the following…

1.Plz dont request something like a comic scene,ie have rouge say something then gambit say something then next scene have em kiss or someshit…sorry but i suck at that kinda animation…

2.Max 2 chars in one av

3.Supply the stuff u want in it…It would save me alot of time thx.


Might I request an avatar of Tron Bonne (pink costume) doing her taunt? Thanks in advance


nvm got a sprite of her. Doin the av as we speak :).


aite i am done tell me if you want anything different/changes.

oops just noticed u wanted her pink…

lol two versions


i like an av of a black sent. hmm, how about doing a taunt. If your up to it.



Hm…you might wanna fix the right arm. I can see the other two frames coming out of it. But yeah, once that’s fixed, it’ll be perfect! Thanks in advance!


desert:want ur sn in it too?

ice:on the green one?


ice i fixed both well tried at least

heres that sent one…


yo desert fox pick up


got it. thanks monkeyspank


can I get a AV of Cable doing something? With b1g in it? thanks in advanced


Sure no prob.


Can I get one using this sprite?


What else do you want on it?


The sprite is tha main thing I want
anything else is up to you
an open canvas of sorts


b1gazn-yours are done…


Can I get a 64x64 av of Oro looking around all retarded from one of his win poses (just his head)


sure if i can find the sprite…


if not, i think i can create the animated sprite for it, i would just need you to crop it down to 64x64 and such.


kk sure thing…