Monkey's AVA request thread!

y0 well i’ve got some time on my hands so anyone want an ava? The only rules are…

1:Be patient plz.

2.Dont request anything crazy like say squall mooning cloud or something.

Well request away :).

Atomic Moth:





well, if you havnt dont any human avs, your first would be a good start :confused:

Alright ill try one. Just need to wait fo someone to request :stuck_out_tongue: .

Any one? :frowning:

thanx for the ava heres a pic for u


Any time man :smiley: .

Hey … tihnk you can make me another AVATAR???
This time i was wondering maybe a Badass Ryu and Rugal one… can u make them flashy like the Rugal i have now? Whatever you can do i sure as hell appreciate it…



P.S. - Can u make the backround with them dueling or posing or standing or something then with there images of the 2 in the front
(Like GUILEMIKE) with his standing guile and that fighting guile in the back

hey man could you hook me up with like a bison and akumas symble avatar? it would be much appreciated

ok :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you thank you thank you !!!

very nice indeed:D



Hey, Could I get a Akuma Raging Demon into something? With the ending of course (best part). If not could you make Chipp or Johnny?

Thanks A LOT!

Sorry bout that altron the new one is on the list so yeah.

I8-sure ill do it.

Thanks much appreciated.

No prob and um i hope this helps look at front page.

Hey if you have time could you fix up that black square in Chipp? And could u have johnny doing a move with his stick? Thanks!

Yeah ill try.



Im now doing tags so if you want one ask.

Hey I8 tell me if this is better ok, and can u provide a pic of johnny that u’d want on it? KK hope u like it.

I just dont like the black square around chipp. Thats all