Monkeyspanks vol2

Well since my old one like died lol i decided to make another one so request away rules are only these…

1.Dont bug and bug and bug for an av
2.Be speicific


Well request away :p.

can u make me a avatar with this pic?

Alrighty ill do yours right now and fox yours is done here ya go.

I didnt know if you wanted it animated so i just used the one you gave me.

yo monkeyspank…no offense or anything but i think u should work a bit more on ur avs before u decide to request them…just my opinion of course:p

Yea but thats why i made a request thread ta get better, thanks for the advice tho on a side note yea those were crappy :frowning: .

that shit looks made nice but can u make it animated and put my name in a different font? thx alot



nah theres nothing wrong with it…it looks fine…so just keep on requesting and u will eventually become better:D

hey twitch here you go man.

thx man:)

Monkeyspank, what’s that in the background of your av? – it looks kind of like…





ummm…can u make this av really fancy…animation…no animation…whatever…up to u…


Um do you just want anything on it? Or are you talking about one like to one you got on now?

hey monkey spank if infidragon or hodokenking doesn’t take my request let me get a magnus av that says Team decepticons and DragonGod somewhere and have recolored black and green with powers swirling from his hands and have his eyes glowing green thanx ya da man

hey its ok you do have to anymore infidragon already made me thanx though peace out