Monkeyspanks vol2

He continues to do it… Amazing

thanx bear!! kickass as always:cool: :cool: :smiley:


oops forgot to attatch

here you go sorry for the wait.

Yo bear, I need a new avatar.

Make one of smoke, from mortal kombat. pliz make a kickass background. animated if possible. thanx dude

Hey Bear this is ben could you make me an avatar with this pic

Hey sorry havent been able to do av’s but ill get both of yalls done today.

NP No hurry, Thanx:cool:

Yo can u make me an AV with this pic.


sure thing anything in particular you want?

I was wondering if u can make kenshin have a animated blue glow…and make the font glow blue too if thats ok with u,make the backround anyway u want.:smiley:


Well the glow around kenshin came out all wierd so if you want something different just ask.

since my ideas are bad use this pic and do it anyway u want,the only thing make the font red and black…sorry for the trouble.

Ill do it when i get back from houston cuz im going to TS4.Sorry tho.

no prob. thanks

I changed the pic the pic,hope u dont mind…if u cant use this pic use the other one.


Sup, well im back from a crazy ass tourney so ill get to your avatar either today or tomorrow.

Sorry for the low down on the avs but i had some computer trouble and i just got it back up but anyways here ya go doc sorry if it came out to dark.

BTW im taking more request…looks down list lol shit sorry ben ima do it today lol so request ill more than likely be done with his in a bit =.

here ya go ben sorry for the long ass wait…