Monochromatic Sagat

My boy Tony the korean sensation is going to model this up on maya and mud box. He requested the pose and I’ll do turnarounds later for him. He’s an awesome modeler from our studio.

You Ftw!!!

Holy Crap! That is Godly!!!

Make sure you show us the 3D modelled version too!

Jesus man!!

Keep it up!

hot damn!

Is Sagat gonna cr. fierce Manny in Ice Age 3? :slight_smile:
really hot stuff there, SFMC.

Looks like he could punch you back through time…! Fierce!

Can’t wait to see the 3/4 back view!

Dood this was an instant fave on DA. I was seriously about to save this… again! You sure you use 80 opacity? Cuz this looks mad smooth man.

Hey thanks for the comments guys.

Kando when I start out I’ll do 80 to 100 percent. When finishing something like this I’ll move into the 60’s and 50’s to blend without trying to lose structure. Never said you can’t go to the 40’s and 30’s. Just don’t start out with 30 to 40 percent, or you will find yourself working 10 times as hard just to fill in spots.

Oh and Rook I wish that would really happen. Would be sweet.

Ahhh. I see. I thought you had flow jitter or something like that. Now I understand. One thing I never really took seriously was the effectiveness of natural brushes. They completely own, man.


You are KING!!!

eh…it’s ok…i guess.

i love you

this looks more like a balrog stance rather than a muy thai one.
other than that, i fucking love the shading.
you have mad talent

nice work man. What studio(s) do you or have you worked for? I am a freelance concept/character artist too.

Damn man that shit is tight. A very good balance between gradients and the brush strokes which define your style. But since it’s going to be a model in maya, shouldnt the chest portion be slightly more visible for “the korean sensation”?