monopoly avs

I swear IMM is driving me any case i was inspired to make srk themed monopoly avs. just 2 things…

1.multiple cards are fine as long as it’s your own idea.
2.the cards have to be based on ACTUAL monopoly board game some how(money,property,utilities,etc)

i’ll start.

more to come eventually.

See Adam Epstein


I have no AV skills, so I’m asking one of you talented gentleman to at least bring this idea to fruition:

Cody. Go directly to jail.

that’s what exactly poped into my mind when i first read this thread. i visualized the cop from Finale Fight/ Alpha Sprite looking like he’s dragging Cody to jail. that would be intresting to see.

Blanka electricity av please. No guarantees I will wear it for long though :stuck_out_tongue: