Monopoly: Revolution Edition


The only thing I outright do not like about it is the pop song clips. Thats just a retarded concept that does not belong in any board game not specifically targeted to teenage girls.

But thats Hasbro for you: they keep milking and trying to reinvent the same shit for decades.


Yeah no, I think facebook, porn, and call of duty still win out.


I think the best version of Monopoly I saw was the one with the classy drawers.


this shits fuckin stupid. classic monopoly will always be best.



getting rid of bills does prevent much cheating…


Those song clips will make the game dated in no time. Back to the drawing board, Hasbro.


I thought this was going to be about an American Revolution edition of Monopoly. Be a rich white guy and collect slaves, land, and colonies all while pissing off the British. Only don’t get caught as being hang, drawn, and quartered hurts.


black monopoly > new monopoly with shitty pop songs.


whats black monopoly?


Rihanna and Beyonce? Wow, music industry needs to rot. The only thing they need to add now is “I make it Rain” every time you build a hotel and full circle of shit is complete!


If you aren’t cheating in Monopoly and stealing the bills from the “bank,” then you aren’t playing it right.


the black people version of monopoly. just google image it.


oh ya i just remembered it hahaha


Awesome. Because why teach kids how to count and manage small bills when you can teach them to rack up massive credit card debt? AMERICA, FUCK YEAH! COMIN’ AGAIN TO SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ DAY, YEAH!


i love the boston monopoly.


but have they done anything that makes it possible to actually finish a game? i’ve played monopoly a ton of times but i aint never finished a game.


Wait so this time I don’t just roll dice and take whatever the spot I landed on gives me?

…oh wait nevermind, it’s still a bad game.


Nintendo Monopoly > All. Except the random DC Comics one I played. That one was classic.

I don’t care for this new style though. Looks dumb and the pop songs need to go -_-

I’ve finished games of monopoly, I don’t think I’ve lost either. Pretty hilarious if you ask me.


ya the song shit is terrible… i would have at least preferred importing my own mp3’s
or no music at all…


Yeah thats just what I want, a version with a big junky contraption in the center.