Monster AC: Game Release Nearing....I'm getting excited! GET WELL AYA


I am not sure if any of you remember this gem, but this was a doujin fighter that almost was. It got picked up by examu and was going to be released in the arcades. Things were looking up.
Arcade Loc test footage


However, due to some internal issues, the game was canceled for a period of time. Until Aya(Chip Zanuff v5), one beta tester turned programmer, got the rights to the game, and is working on it at this very moment, finishing what one of the creators of the game (ShoK, who now works for arcsys) had started. He is trying to show us what the original 15 devs have put in to the game by finishing it and distributing it to us himself. He has been giving us streams for the game in order to keep us updated. He has done to run through vids (posted by tataki


and is releasing the game, for YOU, FREE OF CHARGE ON STEAM.

Here is a run through of the mechanics done by Spooty whiteboy some time ago:

Also, Aya is confirming Dash cancels in combos that aren’t freedom shift.

New Character footage:

New Footage

[details=Spoiler]**: **


Does this not sound like the fighting game of your dreams? If it does, support the game on Facebook

Blood sweat and tears are going into this game at the moment by a SINGLE MAN. Show some support.



Where does it say the game will be free? Release date?


No release date said, but aya has said many times on record, on stream, and in the "What ever happened to ‘Monster’ " thread that it will be released free of charge. He isn’t looking for money, but for people to actually see and play the game.


Woah that’s great to hear. I’ve been hoping the game would be released officially someday and this is great news.
Will pick it up when it’s available =D


I downloaded and played Monster years ago and thought it had great potential. Personally, I think it’s good enough to slap a $1.99 price tag on it and see where it goes. At least that’ll pay for the Development Coffee.


I don’t know how accurate that write up still is, but it seems that many of the basics are still the same.

The Othello write-up is definitely out of date because Othello had a massive overhaul.


from the previous Monster thread

(this is the guy who is working on it)


Really? I’ll remove it then.


Allow me to make some corrections to the first post.

  1. I am not the original programmer, I didnt come into the project until the project had already began and originally i was a beta tester for the game. I became a programmer around 1.0d-1.01(patches) and I am the only remaining one now.

  2. The othello information you had posted is WAYYYY out of date.

3.I am no hero, I am simply finishing where someone else started. I accept no credit for the work that he put into the game before hand. Only the work that i put in to complete it.

  1. The system information is correct for the most part. That can stay.

Yes I am the only remaining person left from the original team of 15 people. I am looking to build a new team to finish the game to help it be released faster but that plan is looking rather bleak atm. I have and will continue to work on the game, make upgrades, stream etc.

Devildigimon: If your laptop could run the old monster, It can run this.


Ah-ah-ah! You finishing someone else’s project cuz they didn’t care any more and distributing it is fine, but when you start making profit off of it, you leave yourself open for lawsuits from said original owner. When money’s involved, people tend to suddenly care again and try to take the head of the person who did what they didn’t care enough to.


Sho Kawakami isnt a guy motivated by money but you are right. When the money shows up, people suddenly become interested lol


I see. I wasn’t fully aware of the project’s history, but that does make sense.


For everyones information, I posted this on facebook but i will post it here as well. I will be streaming tonight at 8 eastern.

Tell anyone who you think might be interested to feel free to pop by and check it out. Look forward to you guys coming in. Also I will be answering game related questions both past and present so bring those with you as well


Updated into first post.


How long will the stream last?


until i get tired i guess lol


Streaming live now.


I’m glad things are picking up for the game again. I’m sure everyone will appreciate all the hard work Aya is putting into the game for everyone to enjoy it.


BTW his next stream just might be next week, so ask him now what characters you want demonstrated for the next either here, or on the Facebook page.

For me, i’d like to actually like to see more of Sword Girl (Forgive me for not knowing her name). Like a couple of combos, a little demo of here moves and their uses, showin us some supers, and maybe them dash cancels that are going to be in.

BTW, have you tried to promote this game on the steam forums? Since this game will predominately have a PC crowd, i think that it’d be best to try and get some of them to look at this game. They might like what they see.


Oh yea Aya, are you sure that the game will be ok without airblocking? The amount of options we have in the air, i think it would be safe to add it. Besides, crouch blocking is already an airblocking animation. Of course you can just make the characters have air unblockable normals.