Monster Ancient Cline

Because this deserves his own thread:


Monster coming to Arcades with the name “Monster Ancient Cline”, a new character (not a furry this time) and running on the same hardware as Arcana Heart 2 (EX-BOARD).

Doujin games and fighting games are taking the world!

Seriously where the hell are all these games coming from this year D:

I liked the little I played of Monster, even the furries are tolerable. This is going to be good.

I was gonna let a guy who plays this game make the thread, I didn’t wanna be known as the guy who announced Monster AC :confused:

In its defense, they really stepped up the graphical side of the game, and it being picked up by Examu is nojoke.

This DID NOT warrent the need of another thread.

You know, i made the thread just because some people just dont know when this things happens n the official threads, like Akatsuki AC, i read a lot of comments in others threads that they just dont know that the game will be released in arcades a lot of months ago just because “they didnt read the official thread, and by the way, its another game anyway huh?” so thats why i did this… but oh well, im happy enough.

this is pretty much guaranteed to be lost in the shuffle if it comes out this year

Not necessarily, I personally feel Monster is more interesting than Akatsuki at least and I’m pretty sure other Monster fans too.

Monster’s character design really really turns me off. I can’t see it making any sort of splash with all the real “monsters” hitting arcades and consoles alike this year.

it’s a fuckload more interesting than MB, that’s for sure.

at least the graphics dont look like straight up ass now

I really wish every doujin game that gets an arcade release didnt have AC in the title. Melty Blood AC, Akatsuki Blitzkampf AC, Monster AC, jesus christ.

I like how the doujin games are coming up. How many fighters is that for 2008 now though?


Monster was alright but i dont think itll grow.

Don’t forget Guilty Gear AC! ; )

In MB’s defense, it’s been updated to Melty Blood AA.

Isn’t it Akatsuki AA too


As much as i would like to think that monster is going to grow, It wont grow past the few people that played/have played it. Simply because people who try it never really give it a chance to start with. They just pass it off as some"furry" game when the game is sadly alot better than some of the pre existing fighting games. But people would never know that. As much as I like shok(the creator) And how much i have helped him create a really good system coming up. The game wont pick up outside of japan. A few here or there but thats it

the game needs more humans, girlies… the people don’t need nothing new, just more of the same shit again and again…how much games looks like ggx? long aerial combos, dashing and stuff in the air…

Monster is a great game, i really, really love’it, nobody plays the game here in my country, because “the game is full of furries” except hayama akito how is very open minded about new games.

i don’t know, just my opinion, the game needs more common people stuff, this is a contradiction, i know, because the good thing of monters is the system, is original and fresh, but i insist, the people don’t need something fresh.

sorry my engrish =).

fans of furry game act like elitist persecuted faggots when people say game looks gay, wow you guys are just like real furries!

You could say the same about a fan of any game that doesn’t get given a chance just because of non-gameplay related issues. How about Wrestling games games with only females or with a cast of characters that look like they haven’t reached puberty yet. You’re just being a dick for thinking your point even deserves being repeated for the Nth time.

The poster child of Monster is furious an outsider made a Monster thread! That other thread is way too old anyway. How many are interested in Monster? After a year the answer is… six. Six elitist persecuted faggots.

I hope this fetish fighter genre is a trend. I’m waiting for Busty Office Girl Fighter AC ##*.