Monster Ancient Cline

its coming to arcade and pc. pc will be a bit later, but will have some extras (think blazblue/sf4 console extra).

Fantastic to hear.

Ah that’s great news. I’m just surprised on the lack of location tests recently.


Anyway, I’m not really sure what the ‘power break’ thing is for. Is that kind of like something similar to Guilty Gear’s offense scale? I don’t like the sound of an opponent’s bar filling up when you backdash…

A power break is triggered when you clash/counter another move, sending the powerbroken character into a juggle state. that’s all

So essentially it’s like in the old Monster then.

So… what happened to this? it is pretty obvious that Ancient Cline was totally cancelled.

The official AC website at Examu dissappear in the beginning of 2011 and, surprising enough, Shok website has also died (… i remember someone here worked for him for some time, is there an explanation or he just don’t want to comment anything and has dissappear from Internet forever without saying a word?

It is a true shame… i was pretty hyped with the game, i loved Monster so much, i played it with some friends last Saturday and even with his brokeness is still a pretty fun game.

Are there any combo vids from the most recent build of the game showcasing combos for the Wolf character?

Chipp Zanuff v5f/AyaImmortal worked on the game for quite a while. If you really want to learn a bit about the drama that surrounded this poor game’s production, the older threads relating to this game can certainly tell you quite a bit. Or maybe enough time’s passed that he’s willing to talk more about it…

Anyway, it is indeed a shame. But the bottomline is, those who wanted to love and believe in the game couldn’t want more for the game than ShoK himself. Apparently, the guy just couldn’t meet a milestone deadline to save his life…

The overall impression I had (for as long as Aya was on the project, actively involved with the game and posting) was that ShoK was the flakiest motherfucker alive. An “artist” man-baby who really couldn’t see his shit to completion. This one is dead. It’s not surprising.

I do think about what the fate of the game would have been if it was by a western developer, released on Steam or something. It’s certainly a friendlier model for an independent game maker than dealing with a publisher. The publisher wants their investment back (naturally), and it’s not rare to see indie startups going bankrupt off of a successful game. It must be even worse with arcade releases. Japan is behind the world in this regard and I feel most such projects are destined for failure if they are for-profit in that environment. Not saying it happened here, but it’s something to think about.

WTH, this game got canceled? Crap, and I even deleted the original game off my computer (is it still possible to download the game and update 1.11b?).

I was sooo hoping to see this game, as I liked the changes the made to the the 3 styles.

yeah, the game is officially cancelled due to ShoK working on P4U


I was looking at this initially thinking, “holy shit there’s actually some kind of update on this?” and then I was very sorely disappointed. :frowning:

I’ve figured this was cancelled for awhile now, but I always had hope still.

I really wanted this game to come out.


say what?

it’s like getting punched in the gut but then flowers grow out of your belly button

in the case of mb it’s act cadenza…

Which was the game’s arcade debut. Lots of arcade games call themselves with AC initials because of that.

yo RIP

if for some reason you haint seen da other thread