Monster Fighter Sequentials


**These are for a competition, so I’d appreciate some feedback. I’m working on the fourth page right now, but I decided to put these up so I don’t miss the deadline. :slight_smile:

C+C welcome as always!

Page one:

Page two:

Page three: **


Sweet Begeezuz and Mary!!! Your detail is AWESOME!!! :smiley:


hanzou-great stuff…

good work Hanzou… i like the detail you have excellent skills…

just care to watch for the consistiencies of faces, one of your characters …her mouth looks a bit off on the second page :confused:…almost too far forward-


I like how you draw the girl on the 3rd page. Very noice.:smiley:


hanzou-great stuff…


God Ryo- Thanks for the kind words man.

Gunstar-Yeah I noticed that issue with her mouth as well. I’m just going to leave it as is though. Save it as a reminder for next time. I am however working on fixing the figure in the last panel of page 2. She’s just too short, and it really bugs the hell out of me. I already have it all drawn out, and it looks better already. I’ll be reposting it tomorrow.

Twelve- Thanks, I like her too. :)**


Excellent work.


Here’s the revision;



Perfection.:o You have truly mastered your style. :slight_smile: bows in reverence:lol:


**This is my final page for the moster fighter contest over at Digital Webbing.

Let me know what you guys think.

Oh, and thanks for the C+C so far, its been great. :slight_smile:


These are good man. Give me a character mock-up type thing to color test.


A whassat what?:confused: